March 03, 2016

7 Day Sleep Challenge: Holland & Barrett Giveaway

Sleep Challenge Accepted!

As with most parents, I really found out what the word tired meant when we had children. Even before they arrived, with all those weird pregnancy nightmares, failing to get comfortable in my fort of pillows and 99 night time trips to the bathroom. Since then I have seriously had some sleepless nights and even made myself pretty ill from it a few times too; and what am I doing those nights where the baby is sleeping well and my eldest is in the land of nod? I'm usually laid there thinking, fidgeting, maybe even writing this blog.

I recently got a health wristband that monitors steps taken through the day as well as sleep, which revealed that in my first two weeks of use that I had an average of three hours sleep a night, half light and half deep sleep.  Shocking!

When I was asked to take part in a 7 day sleep challenge with Holland and Barratt I couldn't really say no as I need all the help I can get. The challenge consists of trying different products over 7 days to help aid better sleep. I couldn't wait to get started and see what better rest (and a little help) could do for me.

Some of the goodies to trial...

Firstly, I aimed to be in bed each night from 11 at the latest with my phone and light off by quarter past. Here's how my week went;

Monday: Lavender & Relaxation

I LOVE anything containing lavender, it's calming qualities completely work on me so I was eager to start my week long sleep challenge with my Miaroma Pure Essentials Hydrating Spritz & Temple balm. The sleep mist contains a coconut  fragrance too - sold!

The combination of these products, as well as taking that time out to relax and apply them, really relaxed me ready for bed. I laid and breathed in the lovely scents, letting the lavender work it's magic. I loved these products and the temple balm is a must buy to keep in the bedside drawer as well as your handbag for those 'moments' you need a little bit of  instant relaxation.

Tuesday: Chamomile Calm

I'm not a huge fan of hot drinks, but I do love a hot chocolate. It never really occurs to me to have one as an aid to sleep, as I just imagine it being packed with sugar that would keep me awake. Holland & Barrett have come up with this Creamy Chamomile Cocoa which is just delicious, really filling and comforting to drink. It de-stressed me somehow and I felt calmer for bed with a nice full tummy.

Wednesday: Bedtime B6 & Bath

Having suffered from deficiencies before, I am well aware of the impact it can have on your health and a B6 deficiency can seriously affect your sleep. Tonight I started taking vitamin B6 supplements, Hopefully over time this will help to improve my mood and prepare me for a better night sleep too! I also had a bath in some amazing Miaroma Lavender bath oil - this was pure heaven for the senses and one I would buy again.

Thursday: Lemon Balm Calm

I am a worrier by nature (if you hadn't already gathered) and find it incredibly hard to switch off at night. By using Lemon Balm capsules, anxiety and stress can be reduced allowing for a much better nights sleep. Over time, these capsules will make bedtime a much more restful event resulting in a much more awake Mama (me) in the morning. 

Friday: Lavender Massage

This one was a special treat, a warm bubble bath followed by a back massage given to me by my husband, using a body oil scented with both lavender and sandalwood. This smelt heavenly, worked really well for massage and the two things combined sent me into a very relaxed and calm state, drifting off very easily to sleep.

Saturday: Tea For Two

Our Saturday nights are so rock and roll that we opted to try some sleep inducing Yogi Bedtime tea. Having no caffeine means we got the nice side of this delicious tea without the buzz of a normal brew. This is just £2.29 for 14 bags and is certainly very calming, containing a whole host of herbs. I did find my cats seemed very drawn to this one so we had to lock the teabags away! I have no idea why - catnip tea?

Sunday: Stress Relief

Time to fully de-stress, ready for another hectic week of school runs and work. Holland & Barrett do their very own Stress relief with passionflower, helping reduce stress and promote relaxation. I combined this with some calming tea to help me feel mellow. I followed this by another hot lavender bath and massage - pure heaven and completely and utterly relaxed for this bedtime. If only every night could be like this!

Now it's your turn... Would you take the challenge?

I really enjoyed focusing on sleep for a week and do you know what? It really worked. Doing this 7 day challenge has made me realise how important sleep is, how much of a huge difference it makes to my mood as well as my health and appearance; I look visibly less tired. I will try and keep up some of these new habits, especially the lavender items which were my favourite of all.

If you would like to win your own kit containing some of the Holland & Barrett sleep range for a 7 day sleep challenge, simply enter via the Gleam app below.

Good luck!

(Disclosure: I was sent product samples to complete the trial)

Competition listed on U Me & The Kids as well as Prizefinder.


  1. I really need to work on my sleep routine. Thanks for the chance :)

  2. I so need this. Another sleepless night. Good Luck Everyone!

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