March 15, 2016

Getting The Home 'Spring Ready'

When we think of spring we thing of clean, fresh, new, bright, light and just the thought of it makes me smile, I'm really and truly not cut out for winter.

I hate the cold and the darkness (we have no stars here or that may be different!) so having spring finally arrive, for me, is pretty exciting. We have the colourful flowers popping up all over the place already, so it's well and truly reared it's beautiful little Springy head!

I talked before about how our home was in dire need of a refresh and I thought I would look at ways in which we can get the house ready for spring and enjoy some new beginnings. I had no clue where on earth to start and how to go about clearing out the clutter and making the house a much calmer place to be. I made a big list but to be honest, I have tried to start tidying things away more but never really sorted the house properly - it's fit to burst.

My lovely friend Katy recently introduced me to the world of Marie Kondo. If you haven't heard of this de-cluttering phenomenon, then it's well worth looking into. Basically the book and videos teach you how to cleanse your home of things you don't need and things you are holding onto for no good reason, as well as learning about the emotions and reasons behind your behavior.

We need to rid our homes of things that do not bring us 'joy'.

I have started as Marie suggests by going through my clothes, which are now rid of any I will not or can not wear, folded away neatly in appropriate storage and are now completely stress free to look at compared to the pile I am usually faced with!

Such a good start, though most my clothes are a little joyless, so I had to stop myself clearing out the lot!

I can't wait to get the whole house to the same standard which she suggests to allow around six months for. I am a bit of hoarder, so I am really looking forward to ridding myself of the habit, as well as a lot of unnecessary clutter in our home.

I'm off to admire my neatly folded underwear drawer!

Have you KonMarie'D your home yet?


  1. I really do need to go through my clothes too! My dressing room has piles of clothes everywhere!! #friYAY

  2. I don't think I could bring myself to go through my clothes. I've spent so much time and money acquiring them, it's so difficult to let go. But I suppose that's exactly why Marie Kondo would probably say I needed to get rid of them! #FriYAY