March 29, 2016

Feeling Nostalgic: Little Bird By Jools

One of the things I was looking forward to most about having children was getting to dress them and put their little outfits together. I couldn't wait to go shopping for little clothes and make up for my own lack of colour with bright beautiful clothing for my babies. 

I must say I have loved every minute of it too.

There are a few shops that I turn to for children's clothes and I find that generally all shops cater far better for kids than adults, but I have to say the Little Bird Collection from Jools at Mothercare, is just absolutely bang on what I would choose every time if I could.

The LB clothes are packed full of colour, they are practical, good quality and just beautiful. The best thing of all (and the thing that most prompted this post), is the nostalgic look and feel to the clothes that takes me straight back to my childhood and makes me feel all fuzzy and happy inside.

I thought I would share some of my favourites and if you click on the pictures they will take you to the site for more details, so I won't weigh you down with all the nitty gritty, just pretty pictures! It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few items!

Growing up in the 80's I remember there being lots of towelling in our clothes, it was so soft and comfy and this little yellow jumpsuit just ties in all the things I loved about the clothes I think back to. These little shorts are just adorable and I love the bold fish pattern inside (and yes, there is a matching tee-shirt with this print on!). This green is a favourite colour of mine and aren't they just the cutest thing ever?

This 70's style romper is in the sale at the moment and I absolutely love the patterns of the knit, it's exactly the sort of thing I dressed my little man in when I could get away with it. The sea print pyjamas are completely dreamy for boys and girls too and if they were in my size I'd be all over them! 

ALL children's clothes should be this pretty and fun.

The footwear on offer makes me even more excited. Wellies are just a huge part of your childhood whatever era you are from and these yellow ones with rainbow tops would have made me so happy as a child and are a must have for both of mine for Spring.

Now, the holy grail, the red T-bar shoes, the most perfect, the most 'me' shoe that Jools could have possibly created. I absolutely 100% adore these and I will need to invest in these for my little lady ASAP. Once again, if these were my size I would rock these too! Nowadays I think it's pretty common for kids to have several pairs of shoes and boots, but these remind me of when I was a kid and you would go shopping for that one special pair and we would polish and treasure them until we could no longer squeeze our little feet inside.

When I saw this little rainbow belt I felt so happy! I remember these belts so well, I think I spent hours playing with them as I know my son would now too. I'm pretty sure ALL the cool kids had one - I remember plain red & blue too. These are just £3 (!!) and worth every single lily picking penny of it too! 
I have really enjoyed looking through the Little Bird Collection and seeing the classics like the high stripe socks, the new additions, as well as the bargains to be had in the sale. 

I love the passion that clearly goes into the designing of these clothes, they are not just designed but put together with pure nostalgia in mind, memories of a distant time and that pure innocent fun. These clothes represent an era of children that were a million miles away from most kids today and I love that we can have a splash of this in our lives now, even if just from a little clothing. Good job Jools!

Do you love the vintage style clothing on kids too?

Pictures from - all words are my own.


  1. I'm totally in love with the Little Bird range - it's just everything I want in children's clothing. It helps that Marianna is totally obsessed with the 70s kids show Rainbow, so all the rainbows on their stuff is fab, and it is subtly indoctrinating her into the belief that pinnafore dresses, balloon sleeve blouses, and long socks with brown t-bars are the bees knees... ;)

    1. Ah YES! Sounds dreamy :) long socks and T-bars are what it's all about! I just want it all, and also a Mums range too with the same patterns! x

  2. We adore Little Bird by Jools and Lily has SO much of their stuff, it makes up most of her wardrobe! It's my favourite clothing brand for little ones and I get so excited when I see that Mothercare have a sale on :) Those red t-bar shoes are gorgeous, I would totally wear these if they came in my size (but that can be said for everything she makes!) X X

    1. Oh yes I knew you would love it too, it's just gorgeous isn't it! I have just found another brand I love too which I'm posting about soon ;) xx

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  4. Oh! So love the vintage look of this collection. So nostalgic. I'd wear it all myself too!! Louise #FriYAYLinky

  5. Actually gutted my two are too old for clothes like this! I love the colours and the "towelling in the 80s" brought back some serious memories!
    I want those retro stripes!


    1. Gorgeous aren't they!! Thanks for popping over :) xx