Saturday, March 26

My Happy Days List


This week has been pretty rubbish I'll be completely honest. Mr. W had full on flu and both kids have had high temps,  sickness, zero night time sleeps and a lot of moaning has been endured. As much as I crave extra family time, this has just been a little bit of a nightmare.

I've tried really hard to keep on top of things in the house but it's feeling a little cramped this week all being shut in. I really have my work cut out to catch up on things next week but with it being the school holidays I imagine I may have to put of the tidying for a little longer and have some fun instead.

Even still, I have things that have made me smile through the week and a few silver linings to break up those tougher days. I'm writing this with a full on head cold (yes it's my turn) but thankfully not the flu or feeling anywhere near as bad as my poor husband and babies had it earlier in the week. 

This week has flown by in a sea of mess, vomit, washing, runs to the shop for medicine, doctors visits and yet more washing, but here's my little happy list for this week.

  • Receiving nominations for the blog awards, even if it goes no further it's nice to be recognised by somebody for something I love.

  • The arrival of chocolate in mass, I literally have an egg that is bigger than my head!

  • An actual warm sunny day, though it would appear that was our lot for now but it was a nice taster of things to come.

  • Feeling lucky winning three competitions! A voucher which covered half our weekly food shop, £50 cash and LOTS of Easter eggs :)

  • Brimming with blog ideas after a bit of a slump.

  • Knowing I have no school run or early starts next week is amazing.

  • I lost a pound in weight, things are heading in the right direction again after a long stall post Christmas.

  • The kids are either cat and dog or the cutest best friends ever, it's amazing to watch now as S is getting older.

Have a happy Easter!

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What Katy Said

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


  1. Three comps!! You lucky thing! Loved the look of the huge egg - I could have eaten that in one go!! Thank you for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x

  2. Hurrah for comp wins! I used to enter loads and loved winning but I barely get time these days. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  3. Well done! Winner winner chicken dinner! :) Hope all the terms have gone huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x x

  4. It's great to win
    Bet all the chocolate didn't take long to disappear


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