March 26, 2016

My Gym Starter Kit

Getting started...

I've recently been referred to the gym, a local gym that just happens to have a glorious spa pool and facilities included - amazing. I have PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and among other fun things like physio and home strengthening exercises, I have been sent to relax muscles and lighten the general load to ease pressure on my joints. I am so excited to get started and venture back into the world of fitness.

I have been to the gym in the past but we are going back a good few years. What on earth do people wear to the gym? I'm certainly no gym bunny but I sure am going to try my best.

Gym Starters Essentials

Usually my perfect free time list would include some kind of sofa, a fully loaded TV and a pizza of epic proportions, but this just won't cut the mustard anymore and it's time to get this (rather big) butt in gear and get fit.

The main thing us larger gym newbies need is to be covered up a little (nude gym sessions only happen in certain movies - I don't watch those), decent hydration, comfortable footwear/clothing, a towel for drying off those sweaty machines (eww) and finally something to stop the wobbly bits from, well, wobbling.

I have found some items that for me tick all the boxes, offering comfort, motivation, hydration and a healthy start to my gym and fitness adventure, you can see them all in all their beautiful glory below, with a little more about them too.

1. Nike Trainers | 2. Sweatshirt from Fit For Keeps | 3. ProSkin Slim Leggings | 4. PhD Woman 2 week starter kit | 5. Snugpak Towel | 6. Nelsons Arnicare cooling gel | 7. Sports Headphones | 8. Brita Fill & Go | 9. Shock Absorber Sports Bra.

1. Nike Sports Trainers

A decent pair of sports trainers make a huge difference to your work out. Having comfortable feet and shoes that have good inner support and cushioning makes things a lot easier and takes some of the impact out of the equation making you more likely to carry on for longer with improved balance.

I love all trainers, especially Nike and these ones are just beautiful, really practical too. Absorbing some of the pressure from working out can prevent injuries and improve performance, so decent trainers like this have a firm place on my list.

2. Tuffit Sweatshirt

I adore this Bella sweatshirt in grey, the softness of the fabric is unbelievable and it is so comfortable to wear. It's flattering and just the right mix of looking good and being perfect post gym wear too.

This is from 'Fit For Keeps' and sits along side their brilliant range of home gym equipment like the Tuffit and CoreCurve. I really feel the part popping this sweatshirt on for the gym and it's the most perfect fit for me too!

The Tuffit

3. ProSkin Slim Leggings

If you haven't tried ProSkin leggings before then let me tell you, you're missing out! ProSkin is basically like a second skin, they are faultlessly comfortable to wear, they don't dig in, they don't make you feel hot or sweaty, they just feel completely natural - I'd wear these all day every day if I could! ProSkins are perfect for the gym for so many reasons besides being totally unrestricted and comfortable. These leggings use advanced technology fabric to ensure function, innovation and versatility.

COMPRESSION FABRIC - A controlled level of pressure promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, flushing fluid and toxins which would cause cellulite out of the body. The appearance of cellulite is reduced, giving a more even skin tone through the strengthening of connective tissues in the legs, buttocks and hips.

PATENTED MICRO-ENCAPSULATED YARN - The fabric is impregnated with micro-capsules containing the finest active natural ingredients. These are massaged into the skin during wear, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. The micro-capsules in the fabric are guaranteed to remain in the fabric for at least 100 washes.

If you buy one pair of leggings - make it ProSkins, you'll be so happy you did!

4. PhD Woman 2 Week Starter Kit

This is a handy sports nutrition kit developed to ensure you are getting the protein you need for toning and post-exercise recovery. The protein shake can help calm cravings and stabilise energy levels throughout the day, helping you stick to that beneficial nutritional meal plan. The Starter Pack contains the following products:

Exercise Support protein shake - A great tasting strawberry flavour whey protein shake that can be used before or after exercise to maximise results and help tone muscle. It contains just 109 calories per serving, and is low in both sugar and fat with a female-friendly vitamin and mineral blend

PhD woman Shaker Cup- A practical shaker for mixing your PhD woman drinks to take with you wherever you go. It includes a wire-ball to make sure you get a lump free, smooth and delicious shake every time.

Two Meal Replacement bars - Delicious high protein bar to be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a weight control plan to support healthy weight loss. Comes in tasty Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Peanut flavours.

Greens & Berries single serving sachet (10g): A wholesome combination of greens, fruit extracts and vegetable extracts to give your body the nourishment and natural energy it needs. In refreshing summer fruits flavour, it contains only 31 calories per serving with no added sugar and can be mixed with juice or added to smoothies and protein shakes.

PhD woman – The Protein guide: An exclusive educational leaflet developed by the PhD woman team to give you tips and advice on protein and sports nutrition. You can pick up a starter kit from Boots the chemist and the PhD Woman website.

5. SnugPak Towel

Snugpak's microfibre antibacterial travel towel is the perfect addition to any gym bag, and in addition to the existing olive and blue colours, an additional Blaze Orange colour way has just been added to the range - the towel is now available in two sizes, a large ‘head to toe' and a small ‘hands and face' which is perfect for carrying with you at the gym.

The towels are extremely lightweight and can be packed to a fraction of the size of a traditional bath towel whilst providing superior absorbency, they are antibacterial treated and machine washable. The large towel also includes a dual compartment wet & dry stuff sack. I'm all for anything that makes packing light more possible!

6. Nelsons Arnicare Gel

Designed for massaging into tired and over-worked legs to help cool and revive them after a workout, this gel combines the natural benefits of arnica with the refreshing sensation of grapefruit oil and menthol. It’s also compact, non-sticky and easy to apply, making it a perfect addition to my gym kit for a bit of cooling after a heavy gym session.

7. Sports Headphones

Listening to good music while you workout completely takes your mind to another place and seems to make things physically easier. Pounding away on the treadmill to your favourite tracks makes the time pass faster and for me makes it a much happier experience too! I love these sports headphones as they cancel out external noise and I can even connect them up to my phone via Bluetooth and talk via the built in microphone if need be. These are totally sweat proof with great sound quality.

8. Brita Fill & Go

BRITA Fill&Go bottles are an easy way to make sure you're always hydrated at the gym. These bottles are great as they can be filled up at any tap and the filter disk will reduce the levels of impurities and chlorine, leaving you with fresh tasting water to power through your workout.

So, freshly filtered water from anywhere, even a stinky gym? Perfect! You can buy replacement filters and replace them really easily too. This bottle is lovely to drink from, a perfect size for the gym and an absolute must have to ensure you get those crucial fluids during your day as well as your workout - I love mine!

9. Shock Absorber Sports Bra

Shock Absorber have released their SS16 workout collection which features a range of sports bras that are perfect for an array of workouts and they cater to all styles. I love the colour and design of this one! These bras are made from high performance fabrics meaning they let your skin breathe, they are padded for comfort and have a racer back for that much needed support. 

These bras are a great addition to you gym kit as they allow you to move freely when you exercise without restrictions, they look good, provide ample support and are very easy to get on and off in the changing rooms.

Wish me luck! - What's in your gym kit?

*Contains affiliate links, some item samples received.

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