March 27, 2016

Spring/Summer Loves: New Look

What's new?

I love this time of year with it getting bright and sunny outside, but still needing an extra layer or two meaning I can cover up more and feel completely comfortable.

There are a lot of waterfall style jackets around at the moment and I love the way these hang on me. I can be a bit conscious of my tummy after two children, so these are perfect. Anything nautical will always have my vote too and a few simple tee shirts are a staple all year round.

I thought I would pop over to New Look to see what's new in store at the moment and pick my favourites from the latest collections, which I'll be keeping in mind for my upcoming birthday next month! Now I just need to decide which I like best...

I love all these items but I think I am most excited to try on the floral dungaree jumpsuit (1) as I think I have got my figure to a point where these may flatter me - there's only one way to find out! 

I love love love dungarees and pinafores, there is something about their child like, casual, retro charm that I adore and although I'm not sure they are entirely flattering all the time for me, they will always appear in my favourite buys.

There are lots of unlined coats around at the moment and I love this style, they are so much more comfortable, they fit better, hang better (for me) and look a lot more flattering and modern. I love this checked one and look forward to seeing how it looks on.

Anything with a ditsy floral print gets a thumbs up from me and I am so glad to see it back for this Spring/Summer.

I for one hate my feet being on show, but these sandal pumps (9) give just enough of a summer look and feel without having to worry what my feet look like! I love t-shirts and have a pretty good stash as they are just useful for everything. I love the cactus print one and being a crazy cat lady, the cat lover one is a must for me too. The best thing about these t-shirts is that they are two for £12, so really I have no excuse not to buy both!

I am pretty impressed with the new selection this season so far and really happy that there are no bizarre fashion trends that repel me from shopping this year, that is always good. 

Happy shopping!

Which would you choose?


  1. I love those shoes! I really like all the pinafores and dungarees about at the moment too - I wish I could get some flared dungarees though. :D #friyaylinky

  2. I love the dungarees! I've always been a huge fan but I can't find any that I want right now although these look good tbf. The coat is gorgeous as well, I love the way it flows X X