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9 DIYs >> How To Make Your Own Fidget Spinners

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Like it or not, fidget spinners are crazy popular with kids (and adults) of all ages right now. With tricks, confiscations at school and a million designs, these are the 'yoyo' craze of 2017 and don't seem to be going anywhere fast. Amazon have heaps of spinners from just a couple of pounds, but if you fancy having a go at making your own then here are some fab ideas and tutorials. Some will require some purchasing of bearings for example (below), with some just needing simple objects found around the house.

There are lots of DIYs out there now but these stood out most to me. The links to tutorials are  below the next image. These toys were originally intended for children with additional needs and for all those people (like me) that suffer with anxiety, as an aid to distract and keep calm. Kids have gone crazy for them though as they are cheap, fun and well, spinny! It's a really good time to explain to our kids though about why other kids may need these and get them to understand a little more about their fellow class mates, especially as they may see it as unfair not being allowed it in class when others are. There are lots of articles out there to explain this way better than I ever could, but if you have a friend with an ADHD or autistic child I'm sure they would be happy to explain further. I actually think it's a really nice way of broaching the subject with kids and instantly gives them all something in common.

1. Paracord Spinner from Paracordo | 2. Magnetic Fidget Spinner from Instructables | 3. Craft Stick Spinners from Kids Activities Blog | 4. Lego Spinner from Frugal Fun | 5. Knex Spinner from Red Kite Days | 6. Spinner video from Sharpshooter JD | 7. Card Spinners Red Ted Art | 8. Simple Spinner From All For The Boys | 9. Giant Lego spinner from Incredible Science

If you don't fancy having a go at those though, check out these pocket friendly beauts available to buy right now, as well as those pesky bearings (above) if you need some for your crafts. This may be a passing fad but kids love it, I love it and I can't wait to get creative making our own.

Do you have a fan of fidget spinners at home or a little one that uses one in class? 

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