Friday, May 19, 2017

Kids Crafts >> Cake Case Flowers #BostikBloggers

Easy peasy!

This months #BostikBloggers craft theme was flowers and we had lots of ideas. I decided to do an old favourite as it's so simple and meant me and Soph (nearly 3) could do together with ease.

This month we made a little pot of flowers using simply some cup cake cases, some straws and some Blu-Tack from our Bostik kit. You can add anything you like to decorate these like paint and glitter but I fancied a mess free craft so we just used the Blu-Tack and some googly eyes - always good.

1. Turn your cup case inside out so they form a flower shape and attach to your straw.

2. Decorate their faces/centres however you'd like to with whatever craft supplies you have. 

3. Find a pot/cup to use as a vase and add a big blob of Blu Tack to the base (inside) to secure the straws and help spread out your beautiful flowers. 

4. You can cut some straws shorter to add a bit of depth and allow all the flowers to be seen. Why not fold up a case and add some closed flowers too! This is such an easy mess free craft, a great gift for a friend and guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. How cute do these look!

Do you like our flowers? Let me know if you try it!

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