Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dressing For Summer & Not Hiding Away!

Hello sunshine

When Summer hits I'm always completely thrown as to what to wear. I'm not quite where I'd like to be size wise, I burn easily from the sun and don't like showing lots of skin. Not my ideal season really is it? Instead of sweating it out like a chubby vampire, I decided to have a bit of an overhaul, stop looking negatively at my wardrobe and instead, invest in a few Summer staples to see me through the few hot days we will no doubt get this year.

Last week I really suffered with the heat and an extremely limited wardrobe! I took to one of my favourite beauty pages on Facebook for examples of clothes that would be light and airy but also not be too over revealing, whilst also flattering curves. It was lovely seeing other ladies of all shapes and sizes share their ideas and pictures and gave me a huge confidence boost seeing others my size look amazing. I've realised that it doesn't really matter what the label size says, I just need it to fit and flatter, which so many of my clothes right now don't do.

I had some great examples shown and lots of suggestions of wardrobe top ups that would see me through. It really inspired me to not only get clothes that fit my current size, but also ones I will feel comfortable in both heat and confidence wise. A scary amount of people also struggle in hotter seasons, especially with wanting to be a bit covered up in certain areas. It seems the most popular Summer choices right now for girls in the same boat as me are;

  • Pallazzo Trousers/Wide Culottes
  • Bardot style off the shoulder tops and dresses
  • Kimono style dresses and cardigans
  • Light floaty fabrics
  • Bright light colours
  • Layering up with a sheer chiffon top
  • Comfy playsuits
  • All in one figure flatterers
  • Harem pants

Here's a few shopping spots I've liked this week, using my new found love of colour and Summer clothing. Normally I sweat it out in jeans and black tops until Autumn but not any more, already I have introduced some much needed colour and have even got myself a couple of playsuits which actually in the right size can look really nice even with some extra wobble.

My favourite has to be the Kimono playsuit (3), I'd never have thought I'd like something so floaty and girly but I love this and even though there is no black in sight I would totally wear it! The Bardot style jersey tops can be dressed up or down and are really comfy as well as being pretty affordable too. The staple item for me though has to be a nice kimono style cardi - light, pretty and again easy to dress up or down without suffering in the sun catching unwanted rays or feeling too bare.

Do you struggle with what to wear in Summer too?