May 17, 2017

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Updating my tech

I was asked recently what the biggest hurdle I'm facing right now is with my blog and what holds me back. Thinking about it, there are a few things I could name, but one really sticks out like a sore thumb and that is my tragic gaggle of gadgets. 

As a blogger and aspiring Vlogger (yet to take that leap), the one thing that is hugely holding me back right now is our failing, massively out of date technology. I haven't been able to work for the last three nights due to a laptop that won't fire up (thanks kids) and a phone that now has a broken screen, pretty useless camera and severe lack of space. Just those things alone make it near on impossible to blog so I've been looking at upgrading my techy bits somewhat and even looking to invest in some Vlogging kit later in the year to get that side going too. Speculate to accumulate and all that!

The downside is that these things don't always come cheap so it will be a long process starting with the basics, but here is my full wish list that will completely boost my work life, making it a lot easier too. Just looking at this lot makes me feel more inspired!

| 1. Wireless Storage | 2. Adobe Creative Cloud | 3. Camera Mic | 4. Gimble | 5. Camera Lens | 6. Camera Remote |  7. iPhone | 8. Printer  | 9. Mac Book  

A new and improved camera lens would bring so much happiness to my photography. I'm still very much still learning how to use the camera as a whole, but really come up stumped with the lack of zoom and precision available with my current lens. This one would do nicely, giving me sharper images and a lot more scope. Another camera addition would be the must have gimble, which if you haven't heard of are just a brilliant bit of kit for keeping the camera completely still during filming, counteracting any movement or wobble. Having watched a lot of mountain biking videos with Adam, you can see what a huge difference it makes whilst filming out and about so this is way up there on my vlogging list. A remote for my camera too, to get those much needed family shots and selfies as well as a mic to improve sound quality.

I probably don't need to explain why I'd like an iPhone/iMac, but having had years of pretty crappy techy bits, it would be amazing to just stock up on fresh shiny new mega machines to work on. I recently deleted my Adobe programs with a Windows update, so I'd love to have full access to the Adobe creative suite again to get even more creative. All these pictures and files take up a lot of space so a wireless hard drive would be just the thing to free up space on my phone and laptop, keeping all those much loved pictures safe. Lastly, a multi purpose printer that would give me chance to print off and keep up to date with my blog work and emails, but also get me started with selling my art prints too. It would be so much easier to sell prints from home and this would help me do just that.

So that's my whopper of a list, I'd best get saving! What would be on yours?


  1. This is a brilliant dream list. I think mine would be pretty similar- particularly the printer and the Adobe suite. Unfortunately I don't have the budget!! #FriYAYLinky

  2. My wish list is much the same but I prefer android and PC. Better get saving :) #FriYAYlinky

  3. Great wishlist. I wish I could afford all of these! I desperately need a good camera! One day!

  4. This is a great wishlist, there are so many products on the market right now to accommodate the trend in blogging and vlogging and cameras are becoming more user friendly so any one can get involved!It's great to see such a surge in popularity in photography and video media!

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