Tuesday, May 09, 2017

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"More than a beach towel"

A little while ago I was bathing the kids and popping on their cool little poncho towels and thought I would just love one of these to snuggle up in after a shower. As if by magic, I was contacted shortly after by LOLL Ponchos, a company based in Australia that offer just that. Adult sized hooded beach ponchos, with a few hidden extras too.

If I had to name one thing I dislike about our trips to the beach, it's getting changed discretely, closely followed by having somewhere safe to keep my things. LOLL have this covered with their cool range of adult towel ponchos, which are way more than just a towel but a wearable poncho, with secret storage that can be used as an absorbent cover up and so much more.

LOLL has a great story too, the creator Lara trialed the poncho towels in Australia where she lives with her children and the idea originally came from a towel her granny made her with arm/head holes cut out way back in the 80's, how cool is that? The name 'LOLL' stands for Lots Of Love Lara and it really is a lovable little business, coming up with new limited edition designs all the time.

Being beach ready isn't about being stick thin or rippled with muscle, it's about being prepared for fun, to splash about and enjoy yourself. This is just the thing to get me beach ready and I couldn't wait for mine to arrive, let alone trial it after a shower and on our swimming trips while we await some hotter weather!

The LOLL ponchos come in a range of colours (see below for a sample selection) and I was torn between the black and blue chevron. I opted for black though as it's my colour of choice for clothing and oddly, a much rarer colour for this kind of thing. These retail at around £30 and although it is a high price for a 'towel', this is far from being just a towel.

When my poncho arrived my first thought was that I love the brand as a whole. The package was really well presented and I could already see the poncho looked really good quality, nice, chunky and big too - perfect for beach cover ups. These will fit up to around a 22 in size and as a UK 16/18 I can say this had bags more room inside and is really comfy and soft too.

Exploring the poncho I discovered these awesome features;

  • Secret velcro pocket
  • Hidden zip pocket
  • Generous sized hood
  • Long length
  • Zip on both sides

I really wanted to get some pictures of this in action at the beach, but being in the UK, the weather isn't always kind and so here it is in all its glory, inside our house cowering from the rain. I cant wait to put it to good use in summer! I have worn this after showers now and it makes the perfect accessory for swimming, to dry and keep warm while you sort the kids out instead of shivering gripping on to a regular towel.

My LOLL is 100% cotton and super soft, washes well and dries your skin well too. This is really cosy, easy to wear and actually looks pretty good considering its a poncho! I've used this for showers to test the absorbency and its been great, its as good as it looks when I bundle the kids up after a bath and mine is so much better! Sorry kids.

I'm a huge LOLL fan now, I love the brand, I love its story and I love that they have made a functional item that can be used for a long time, offering some really pretty designs too.

For your chance to win a black poncho towel just like mine, please do enter my giveaway below (UK only sorry!) and yours can be on its way ready for the sunshine or your holiday this summer!

Web - https://LOLL.com.au | Insta - LOLLbeach | FB - LOLLbeach | Tweet - LOLLbeach

Would you wear a LOLL poncho? Whats your biggest beach bug bear?

LOLL Poncho towel (UK ONLY)

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