Thursday, May 11, 2017

Family Travel >> Made Easy With Aldi

Our family holidays are by far the highlights of our year. We've never been abroad with the kids and I can't imagine we will do in the foreseeable future, despite Alf having saved £13 now towards his Disney World dream! The only thing that I'm not a fan of though is the car travel, those long hot journeys with bored children, an excited dog, crazy drivers and hours to fill to keep everyone happy.

Just today, Aldi launched a new 'Staycation' range in store packed full of products to make family travel easier and safer from just a few pounds, we were invited to preview the range and were really impressed with what they have on offer. If you're planning any long journeys or simply need some much needed car essentials then this range may just be worth checking out for you too.

Whether you're planning a family trip to the coast or just a weekend away with friends, us holidaymakers will find everything we need to keep the kids amused and kit out the car ahead of a long journey.

My top picks

For me, the best item in this range is the  high definition 1080p Dashboard Camera (£39.99), which sits neatly on the windscreen with a secure suction cap (though maybe not in the middle of the windscreen). With 3.5 megapixels and up to 4x digital zoom, the camera can give drivers peace of mind as it provides high quality footage, ideal for recording road incidents or even just capturing a scenic route. Living in Lincolnshire, the roads here are a nightmare for terrible drivers so this will be a really reassuring addition to our car travels.

Tablets are great but always a pain in the car. This range though has a brilliant little 10” Portable DVD Player (£44.99) which would solve all our problems. With a high-resolution digital display which swivels and folds flat, it’s perfect for little ones to enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies in the comfort of the backseat.

Another for the kids is the Virtual Reality Headset (£14.99), where they can take a wild roller coaster ride or explore an alternate universe to pass the time. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, kids and teens will be entertained with an array of 3D movies, games and simulations. If the kids are happy, it makes travel a lot easier for us grown ups too, and there's even travel booster seats, activity books and a mini hoover for all those pesky crumbs!

The range also features some perfect all year round car essentials like cleaning and polishing products, car mats, Bluetooth car speakers and a whole lot more.

Aldi’s Staycation range is available in stores and online right now at Are you going away this year?