Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wobbleez & Zookies >> Toy Review

Introducing Wobbleez & Zookiez...

Just recently we saw some toys on TV which the kids both did their 'OOOH I WANT THATTT!' cry to and so when we were later emailed to see if we'd like to review those very toys, I couldn't wait to say yes and surprise the kids with them.

The toys were of course Wobbleez and Zookies, two very different toys with very different uses and features, but both made by Sinco toys with the same cute and fluffy appeal to my little ones. Although these toys are different, they have one thing in common, which is that neither require batteries (hallelujah from parents everywhere). These make no loud noises and are brilliant for 'on the go' toys that will both comfort and amuse. As I've said though, these are very different so I'll talk about them separately.


This one I decided to give to Alf as it just seemed more him and we are cat addicts! Zookiez are small super soft cuddlies, with a hidden surprise. The legs and arms are filled with those snap bands that we had as kids. You roll them out flat but then snap them around your wrist. With these inside, the Zookiez cleverly wrap their little paws around your arm/leg/desk/pram/bed and can be taken absolutely anywhere making them the perfect travel buddy, really good fiddle toys for keeping little hands busy and after Alf taking it on the school run a few times, evidently really popular with all ages even his friends that are 6+.

These would be great for putting on pram bumper bars, that was my first thought and I wish we had had one when these two were teeny to keep them occupied! I love how soft these are, they are really light and fluffy, weigh hardly anything and they will literally never get bored of playing with these over and over. We like the big eyes too!

These are such a simple idea, but pretty brilliant and I would happily buy these over and over. Of course Soph wants one too, so off shopping we go... These are in store now at The Entertainer and Smyths toys, retailing at around just £10 - absolute bargain! I even think some of us parents would happily sit and play with these, I know I would. There are a few designs but the cat we were sent has to be my favourite.

Here's a video to show them in action -


Soph loves going on dog walks with our very own pup Peg and loves it when she can hold the lead. The only problem though is that unless we are somewhere very quiet and secluded, the risk of other dogs or busy roads means that she rarely has chance, so often we have a bit of a paddy on our hands when we take back the lead and keep Peggy safely in tow.

This week, Soph was sent her very own pooch to bring on our walks - a Wobbleez spotty dog which she has aptly named Dotty. Could this be the answer to our problem? We had seen the Wobbleez advert on TV and the kids were baffled by its magic walking, but I was really intrigued too. The advert said no batteries, yet these magical pups were walking, how on earth do they work?

If you are yet to see the Wobbleez in action, check out this short video to see it in action;

The Wobbleez pups are super soft, they come in three different designs and make the perfect companion for little ones and an even better walking buddy to go alongside the real thing. How cute are these! When you take the Wobbleez out the box you can immediately feel them kind of move, it's weird, not bad weird but weird! These are very cool and I still don't quite understand how they work, but after attaching the lead and pulling along, I could instantly see its little legs walking separately, totally bizarre and amazing!

The lead pops onto the dog with little clips, I presume it's a safety thing with kids toys only being allowed a certain length, but also means the lead can be made different lengths (this may be the real reason?) which was really handy for dinky Soph.

Needless to say she was very excited to see her new furry friend when she got home from nursery and saw her parcel, and it hasn't left her side much since. I always think its a good sign if they still ask about it the next day, you know it's not a five minute wonder and this one definitely isn't. My only problem now is that Alf loves it too. I thought he would be too old for it but it seems that's not the case. Our only downside is that it does tip over a bit if they pull it too quickly, so it's not one for a walk in a hurry but in cases like that they get to pick it up for a cuddle anyway, so it's a great all rounder. It's rained every day since ours arrived so we are yet to take it 'out out'  but tried it on a few surfaces and it seems to work well everywhere.

Wobbleez are on sale right now at Smyths & The Entertainer for £19.99. Considering the fun to be had with this toy and how amazingly well received it will be for toddlers and young children, I think the price is brilliant. I love that there are no batteries required, we are constantly rinsing our way through packs of batteries and it's a breath of fresh air to have a toy that isn't noisy or costing money as we go on.

This week, Soph has had so much attention with her dog and I just know these are going to be a must have and massively sought after toy, they are even better than expected after seeing them advertised and I think they would make a brilliant birthday gift for any child.

Do you have a little toy fan? What do you think of Wobbleez and Zookies?