Saturday, May 06, 2017

Photography >> Viking Battles At Sherwood

When we visited Sherwood Pines on a bit if a whim recently, we stumbled upon a brilliant viking day with a full camp, lots of people in full costume, real live cooking, weaving, wood carving and best of all - live battles. This was all in celebration of the 1000 year anniversary celebration of King Canute, a Danish warrior king.

The kids thought it was amazing seeing all the swords, shields and costumes around and we had lots of fun taking it all in and watching lots of men and women reenact battles, they didn't hold back! At one point two guys were fighting and nearly fell right through the ropes, Alf found this hilarious. I think Soph wondered why this was ok but she gets told off when she decides to partake in battle with Alf!

I took lots of pictures from this part of the day, but here are my favourites.

We had a brilliant day out and loved seeing all the activities. Have you ever been to Sherwood forest?