Monday, May 01, 2017

My Style >> April Favourites

During April there has been a sudden influx of Summer style in stores and some frankly hilarious buys which I will just have to share for fun at the end of this post. Someone was telling me about JoJo bows today too after seeing them all over the school playground and I must say I am so thankful it's not a grown up fashion and that Soph is currently too young - how weird are those things? I know I would have wanted one though back in the day.

There seems to be a LOT of playsuits popping up all over and I can honestly say if I had the figure to rock one, I would do so every day of the week. They are so utterly cute but I would just not be comfortable in one just now.  This month for me as been all about the comfy, keeping warm, layering up and trying not to buy things 'just because' and instead try and buy staple items that will stick around.

My favourite buy this month is the pinafore set from Matalan. This was £20 for the dress and top, sizes pretty generously and the dress is actually a thick jersey fabric, so hangs far better than denim and has a bit of a retro vibe with the striped under top. I just love this set!

Aside from my love of pinafore dresses, which have been my main wardrobe staple this month, I have a mad love for hoodies all of a sudden and I'd love to congratulate whoever thought them up, they are just perfect for all sorts aren't they? I love this Superdry one, it comes in various colours and is perfect for an extra beach layer when it starts getting chilly.

Adam kindly replaced my tired trainers for my birthday this month with some new Puma Trinomics, my all time favourite trainers and so comfortable and supportive (yes I sound old as god's dog but it's good for my back!). You can pick these up really cheap now and they are well worth a try.

As I've said I have a huge fan of pinafore dresses and always have been. I love this one from Harper & Lewis. I'm not sure if I could go quite so 'mustard' but I love it!

Pinafore Dress - Womens - Mustard

And now for some of those not so loveable fashion bits. I am by no means fashionable, actually far from it, but I do love to see what's 'in' and sometimes it's just hilarious isn't it? Aside from the clear winner of CLEAR PVC trousers (yes really), this one had me saying 'huh?' and you can see why;

You can now buy jeans that look like they're covered in mud for the low, low price of £330

Yep, these are jeans that are made to look muddy and even better, they retail at a mere £330 a pair - bargain huh? Needless to say an £8 pair from Asda combined with a gravy incident at Sunday dinner would have the same effect I'm sure! Thoughts?