Tuesday, August 08, 2017

9 Kids Crafts To Try This Summer

If like me you are seriously running low on ideas (and funds) to keep the kids amused this summer, you may need some fresh and super simple ideas to fill some of these rainy afternoons. I feel like we've done so much already, but being at school full time, Alf is used to full on busy days and despite a few quiet ones, we literally haven't stopped!

If your kids like a bit of craft time too, then I have just the thing with some of Pinterest's finest summer crafts. Hopefully one or more of these craft ideas will keep your little ones busy for a while and may give you some ideas of things to collect whilst out the house too. 

1. Hand print crab from Easy pre school crafts | 2. Dinosaur fossils from Rainy Day Mum | 3. Rock fish from Hello Wonderful | 4.  Sponge boats from Easy Peasy & Fun | 5. Pine cone pineapples from Tiffany's Tidings | 6. Paper pin wheels from One Little Project | 7. Paper ice lollies from Whimsical Mumblings | 8. Pine cone flowers from Whimsical Mumblings | 9. Paper Cacti from Hello Wonderful

I love the idea of going out to collect pine cones and stones to bring home for craft time. Often, after we've been out for the day Alf will ask what we are doing next as soon as we step through the door, this would help shape the day perfectly. Having a task both indoors and out will keep everyone busy, with the end results looking fab too.

As long as you have a stash of paper, there are unlimited ideas out there of things for you to make. I love the paper cactai idea and as there's currently no sunshine outside, we can bring it inside with some paper lollies and super cute crabby hand prints. If you only have plain white paper then the kids could colour or add a design to them before crafting, keeping them even busier.

If your kids like to be a bit more adventurous, then some dinosaur fossils would make the perfect activity this summer, leaving you with long lasting memories to treasure. I can't believe how good they look! For a little indoors or outdoor water play, the sponge boats craft would be perfect for a long make and play session, allowing total free reign on designs.

I'll be trying out these crafts over the next couple of weeks and keeping an eye out for more fun ideas to try too. Hows your summer going?