Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Life In July >> Weddings, Lazy Days & Adventure

July was a lovely month for us. We saw the end of the school term, finished on a high with an amazing school report for Alf and a very excited Soph who left her pre-school in preparation for school nursery in September, where she will be near to Alf, wearing the same school uniform - too exciting! Thanks to the Summer holidays, we've enjoyed lazy days, late mornings, late nights, sleep overs and a touch of the 'old days' before we lost Alf to full time school. I must admit I am loving it so far and I already know I will miss them so much when September rears its ugly head!


Wearing - I've actually embraced colour this month and thanks to a review opportunity, went way outside my comfort zone with this gorgeous dress - it's my favourite this month and possibly ever!

Food & Drink - We've enjoyed some more BBQs but not nearly as many as I would like. As always, pizza has played a huge roll and we've eaten a tonne of chicken thanks to a kind Tesco workedr reducing me a few massive packs for the freezer - £4 down to 80p, I love a bargain!

Watched - During July we've started watching Ozark which is a Netflix original, rewatched the first couple of series of Peaky Blinders which annoyingly stops at series two on Netflix! We've ordered the DVD of series 3 so can get our next fix of PB very soon.

Disliked - The main thing this month I've not liked is really living to a tiny budget again. After paying for Peg's vet bills, we were determined not to have to rely on credit cards to see us through so we've tried really hard to scrape by. I hate months like this and although we are never flush, it's nice knowing you have actual cash for the next food shop instead of making money where you can through the month (nothing dodgy just extra blog work and selling things online!). I stayed up until 3am some nights to get some work done and although I love the work, I have felt rubbish!

Loved - As above, the holidays, no school runs and lazy days are exactly where it's at! I'm loving the freedom of no agenda and having my babies home.

Most popular blog post - My most popular posts this month were my review of our beautiful trip to Bluestone Wales, as well as this one about Alf's school report.

Favourite Photo - This one of Alf was my favourite this month. So much effort went into decorating that mask, not to mention the roar and pose! He's such a sweetie and loves anything crafty. I love that he looks like a little wrestler! 

So that was July for me, how was yours?