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As we are currently in the process of decluttering, I've found various ways to store the kids 'for keeps' bits, of which there are many. I'm quite happy to have toys around the place and don't mind some on show as it is after all our family home. It is nice though for everything to have a place and the kids tend to play far better when they have more space and a little bit more organisation to their chaos.

Whilst looking for tips and ideas, I've found what I consider to be the most practical solutions for kids storage, as well as some that cater to individual taste and home style. Toy storage doesn't have to be 'stylish', but when it's in more communal areas in the home there's no harm in finding something a little easier on the eye. For the kids bedrooms and play rooms, the real colour and creativity can come out. While you're updating your storage, it can also be a great time to have a clear out and sort out the old and outgrown toys.

Stylish storage

For communal areas, toy storage can be fitting with the general decor, a statement piece or simply a subtle pretty piece of furniture. These 60's style cylinders are great, I remember having some around as a child and they're a fun way to stash toys whilst looking good in any room. Chests of drawers are perfect for storing kids puzzles, books and toys. I love these drawers from Made that are fun but would also suit a general living area to conceal toys when not in use. I love the idea of lockers for kids storage too, they're fun, super practical, come in every colour and again can be used in any room. Going for a bright colour makes a feature of it and if like me you love the look of them, this is a huge positive. Depending on the style in your home, you can find the perfect solution that doesn't have to look like traditional toy storage.

1. 60's Circular storage unit from John Lewis | 2. Drawers from Made.Com | 3. Lockers from A Place For Everything 

Cool/fun storage

In the kids bed and play rooms, storage can be as fun as the toys inside sometimes. I love these ones as they are all as practical as they are fun to look at, hardy for little hands and really cool. I love love love the Lego drawers, we need these in our lives! The wall shelves from GLTC and Habitat stacking unit are so pretty and I'd happily let these venture into other rooms like our living room too.

1. Giant Lego drawers from A Place For Everything | 2. Stacking box from Habitat | 3. Pull out play table/storage from GLTC | 4. Town house wall shelves from GLTC

Practical storage

As well as looking right, storage for kids toys needs to be practical and easy for them to help practise their tidying skills (ha!). The first unit from Wayfair is perfect for stacking books and toys as well as hiding away those little bits that seem to get everywhere. You can't beat a classic toy box like this white one from Made, at the end of the day toys can be easily picked up and put away, leaving a nice subtle piece of furniture in it's place.

Ikea Trofast units are probably the most popular storage solution for kids right now, they're practical, look nice and come in a range of shapes and styles with different sized drawers. If you're a little more organised, you can sort smaller toys and puzzles into separate drawers for easy location and tidying. These are built to last and right up there with my favourites. The last option is a basic tiered toy shelf unit. These are by far the best in terms of being a budget buy for under £20, ideal for quickly sorting and accessing toys and can brighten up a kids bedroom or playroom nicely. 

1. Compartment bookcase from Wayfair | 2. White toy box from Made | 3. Trofast from Ikea | 4. 3 tier storage unit from Hartleys

That's a few of my favourites when it comes to toy storage solutions, the good the mad and the practical. If you are on a super tight budget, then colourful 'builders style' buckets like this one from Equine Superstore are just a couple of pounds each, made of rubber making them light and easy to clean. These are the no excuse solution for having even teeny toddlers help pop away their toys! We can only hope...

How do you store your kids bits and bobs?

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