Sunday, August 20, 2017

Home & Style || Awesome Kids Wallpaper Inspo

Later this year, we're embarking on a big bedroom makeover in Alf's room, and hopefully our master bedroom too. There's some truly beautiful kids wallpapers out there and I thought I'd share a few that I thought were pretty adorable. 

These vary in terms of price range, but it's important to remember that some of the bolder patterns are suited more to a feature wall so you may only need a roll or two. These are more suited for kids rooms too, but I'll be sharing some gorgeous nursery inspired papers as well as other areas in the home later on that will also benefit from an added splash of colour, pattern or texture.

1. Woods at Photowall | 2. Unicorns at Homebase | 3. Map Mural at Murals Wallpaper | 
4. April Showers at John Lewis

The map wall mural is beautiful and I love the subtle pretty colouring of the others. I'd happily have the clouds or forest patterns in my own room, let alone the kids! Soph would love the unicorn paper, but thankfully her room is complete now as I was very keen to get it done before she was born, in a crazy nesting spree.

1. Marvel Comics at Wilko | 2. Harlequin Brights at Graham Brown | 3. Dinosaur Print at Homebase | 4. Star Wars Pop Art at Graham Brown

These papers are pretty cool aren't they? I love the cartoon style comic strip prints, they're so bright and fun and a little vintage looking. The dinosaurs are a little more subtle and muted, with a gorgeous neutral print. I love the bright fun pattern of the Harlequin, it would bring any kids room to life and would suit all ages and genders, meaning it could grow with them and be a better investment should their tastes change.

1. Colourful Geometric at Murals Wallpaper | 2. Pink Drawers at Newroom Design | 3. Bright Clouds at Graham & Brown  | 4. Space at Arthouse

I adore these designs, they are all so different and perfect in their own way. I love having lots of colour, but also the visual effect papers like the little drawers are really effective. For Alf's room I think we are pretty much decided on the space one and a general space theme, it's pretty dark so will probably feature on one or two walls only, but how cool is that!

I hope you love them too. Which is your favourite?

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