Thursday, August 17, 2017

The 'No Bucket List' Summer

It occoured to me today that even though I usually respond with 'I'm surviving it' when I'm asked how our Summer holidays are going, I'm actually really enjoying it. I bloody love having my babies all to myself and having total control of how we spend our days.

This for me is what being a Mum is all about and I'm really loving our lazier days, with no school runs, no rushing around or manically scrabbling around for school uniform last minute. We've not done a great deal and I was feeling guilty about that, but really? It's been perfect.

Soph will start at a school nursery 2.5 days a week so to an extent things will be 'normal' with her and even though it's an exciting change I'll still get lots of time with her one to one. Alf starts year one and I'm going to really miss having him around after six weeks of cuddles and a permanent bum sat on my lap. I've really noticed how kind he is and just what a lovely person he is, he's been helpful around the house, nice to his sister and just an all round lovely little guy too be with, just like the old days. It's not that I'd forgotten, but just that usually we are bogged down with routine and the monotiny of term time, without so much time to just sit and enjoy.

We had big plans for this summer, packed with meet ups, a holiday, trips out on the train, making, baking and all the fun stuff you could think of. Most days though, Alf wants a chill out day at home, he just loves it and after a busy first year at school I totally get that and have been fully embracing what he wants to do. Our holiday was cancelled, our trips out have been few and far between after a rubbish month money wise and those meet ups? Hermits R us. 

I realise now that we don't need to do any of those big things and the kids are a constant reminder to me that it is the little things that we treasure most. Sitting in our PJs until lunch, watching movies and eating too many sweets is just perfection, it costs nothing and truly are the moments we'll remember. Alf is used to those busy action packed days, so is more than happy to do the polar opposite, and it's all good. 

We've had days where we've done nothing but play Lego, myself included because actually, I really enjoy it! Today Alf spent some of the money he's been saving all year on a new Lego set so that will be our day tomorrow. I'm genuinely excited about it as I love making Lego sets, we have a cake kit to make too and if anything else pops up, we'll do that too.

Summer seems to be rapidly passing by now and instead of frantically ticking things off a summer bucket list, we are just enjoying being together, without so many days out, without a holiday and without a great deal of money for adventures. 

We are absolutely loving having an easy summer. Come September, it'll be like starting school all over again and I'll truly miss these two, their mess, their noise, their fighting, all of it.

How's your summer going?