Monday, August 21, 2017

Exploring Moggs Eye Beach || Lincolnshire

We love finding new places, especially a beautiful seaside spot which is something we thought was lacking since relocating to Lincolnshire. Last year we discovered the joy that is Cleethorpes, a short car ride, easily accessible from Lincoln by train and a real 'sea side' day out, with all the donkey rides, arcade and donut places you could want. 

We decided to look for somewhere a little more secluded that would be quieter away from the busy beaches and most of all, allow dogs on the beach so we could bring Peg along. 

We stumbled across a place called 'Moggs Eye' which although comes under Norfolk, it is also under Lincolnshire authorities and comes up as Lincolnshire in searches, hence the title. Moggs Eye is a quiet beach, away from the hustle and bustle of Skegness and Mablethorpe, with minimal facilities, but everything you need for a simple beach day. There's a car park, some toilets (which aren't great but better than digging a hole and do have toilet paper!) and there are also currently no restrictions on taking dogs to any areas, happy days.

The car park is just a stones throw from the beach itself with some sand dunes packed with butterflies/dragonflies and having visited on a busy warm weekend day, it was so quiet that we didn't have to walk far to set up 'camp' for the day and just had a wide open pure sandy beach, covered in shells, the sea, a wind farm in the distance and what's probably the cleanest beach we have been on.

The kids loved exploring the beach and collecting all the little shells, there was a great selection and as much as I love looking through beach stones, they weren't missed with having so much beautiful chunky sand. The sea looks a bit brown and murky from the dusty sand but it was really clean and lovely for swimming. I saw an old couple in their swimming costumes walking hand in hand in the sea and just thought what a perfect sight, I hope I'll be doing the same when I'm their age.

As long as you take plenty of your own drinks and snacks, you couldn't really want for more especially if you want a cheap beach day without the kids asking for rides etc which can soon add up. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. This for me is a totally different beach day to that of Skeg or Cleethorpes which we also love, and just a beautiful day out that all the family will enjoy. 

Here's a few snaps from our day out enjoying Mogg's Eye beach.

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