Tuesday, August 29, 2017

School Days || Soph's School Nursery Kit

In a couple of weeks, Soph takes her first giant leap into the world of school. Thankfully this year it's just school nursery so not full time, but a great practise year to get her all ready for reception next September!

Although it's a nursery, it is within the primary school and they like them to wear uniform, which is something Soph is extremely happy about. I really think if she could have joined Alf in reception last year she would have, she really knows her own mind this one and I have no doubts she is going to absolutely love it.

I have finally finished getting her bits and pieces together for her big day so thought I'd share her lovely little nursery kit which we have shopped for together, as well as being sent a couple of treats for her from some very kind brands to wish her well.

I'm a huge fan of pinafore dresses and with the Autumn term approaching, I thought these would be perfect to transition between the cooler and warmer days. I picked these up for her in TU at Sainsbury's, along with some plain red cardigans. both of these come in a set of two for just a few pounds, are an easy to wash, iron free jersey fabric which are going to look pretty adorable.

We're yet to pick up her shoes, but Soph has her eye on some patent Lelly Kelly shoes with an easy velcro strap and bow. We've struggled to find the right sizes of anything similar in store and I can't be dealing with the hustle and bustle of shoe shops at this time of year, so in the mean time she has a pre loved pair from Clarks which are pretty similar and will do as spares until she gets some newer ones.

Aldi kindly sent us some uniform samples to review which I talked about recently, my favourites are the polo shirts which are around £1.25 for a pack of two and wash so well! Alf had these the past two years and they were my favourites by far in terms of lasting well.

I love long socks and they really suit Soph so I grabbed some in Asda this weekend to see her through. These should be comfy but also not as hot as tights as September can often be pretty hot still.

Soph LOVES bags and having recently taken part in some Gruffalo spotting and being sent a beautiful bag, she has her heart set on using that for nursery for her little bits and bobs. You can pick these up from John Lewis and I'm pretty sure every little Gruffalo fan will love it too. Her other bag is a back pack style lunch bag from Spearmark (available at Sainsburys) which we were sent to try and once again she has reserved this for her use at nursery. These bags are so lovely, they are built to last, come in gorgeous vintage colours and are probably the prettiest cool bags I've seen! It's her first time taking her own lunch on her own anywhere, so this is huge! The bags keep food cool, can be carried by the handle or worn on the back and have bags of room for drinks and food.

Last but not least, her hairbands. Primark had some school style gingham hairbands in this weekend so Soph got herself a headband with several matching bows. This girl loves to accessorise and was very excited to see her school colours in store for just a pound a set!

It's such a strange feeling Soph going off to the school where Alf is, but really nice knowing that she already has friends there and is fiercely independent so will no doubt love it! My little girl, growing up fast.

Do you have any little ones starting school this year?