Monday, August 28, 2017

A Summer With Bear || Tasty Nibbles & Inspiration For Summer Days

We've been fans of BEAR snacks since Alf was really teeny. Being 100% pure fruit, the fruit rolls he started with were sweet and tasty treats for him, with less of the Mum guilt for me, win win! We've since tried pretty much everything from Bear and my handbag is rarely seen without a bag or two stashed away inside, they're perfect and taste amazing!
Although the kids top Bear product is the 'Arctic Paws' which are raspberry and blueberry flavoured yummy fruit shapes, they are also huge fans of the cereal called Alpha Bites, which if your little ones haven't tried yet, I'd recommend for a breakfast alternative as well as a dry snack for any time of day.

Bear have been somewhat of a lifesaver for me this Summer, not just for helping to fill seemingly constantly empty tummies, but also to help keep us busy, especially on those wildly unpredictable weather days, getting us outside and giving me plenty of ideas. I thought I'd tell you how Bear have been a huge help this Summer and all the things we've been up to, aside from eating their yummy cereal!

Bear Paws have teamed up with The Wildlife Trust for the second year running, with the aim to get our little ones out doors enjoying the environment and all that nature has to offer. I particularly love their #30DaysWild cards which give lots of ideas for random acts of 'wildness' (clever eh?) for our little ones to get stuck into the outdoors, with great ideas for us parents too. The cards have things on like picnicking outdoors to crafting with natural products like leaves and pine cones. You can find out more about 30 days of wild on the Wildlife Trust website. Bear kindly sent us a few cards to get us started and the kids have really enjoyed picking activities this way.

This Summer we've been collecting the cards inside the packs of Bear paws too, which each have a special summer activity to try on them. Six weeks of summer is amazing, but getting a little helping hand with some extra ideas is always welcome. Each card has an activity on the front with instructions on the back. There are loads of cards to collect and try out, but here's a few of ours which we've been trying out this summer;

As you can see the cards have a cute illustration on the front, but on the back are simple instructions for some activities, some perfect for rainy days and some perfect for getting outdoors in the fresh air. Worm jar anyone?

As well as the brilliant activity cards, Bear have now partnered up with another great family brand, Puffin, for some new adventures into the wonderful world of books. In celebration of this collaboration, Bear kindly sent my own little cubs some new books as part of the Big Book Club, some things for their cosy reading corner and of course some new tasty Bear Paws to keep their tummies happy!

We love getting new books and the kids have really enjoyed these, which came perfectly in time for some chilled out cosy house days after far too much sun!

Bear really have been a great help this summer, not just by giving me simple quick healthy food and snack ideas, but also providing inspiration for things to do. Filling six weeks can be tricky in a small town on an even smaller budget, this just goes to show that there is plenty of fun to be had right outside our front doors, as well as in our very own home.

Do you have a little Bear fan at home?