Monday, August 28, 2017

Home Style || Adding Energy To Your Home

If there's one thing I truly love about our home, it's that it's ours, it's packed with things that are all about 'us', with interesting things and an energy that kind of tells our family story within each  of the four walls.

Although we have heaps of work still to do in the house, I do feel like we have cracked the energy side of things, it's a nice home to walk into and says a lot about us in more way than one. It's easy to feel like your home is lacking in the energy and charm that you'd like it to portray, but also very simple to fix. With the right fixtures and a few easy additions, you can soon crank up the atmosphere and create an energy in your home that suits you and your family.

If you're reading this wondering how you can achieve your perfect home atmosphere, then please do read on for a little inspiration that may just help you transform your space.

Encourage & Display Your Creativity

Encouraging creativity in the home is really important if you have a family. Allowing children to express themselves in your home will definitely be a step in the right direction, it's all about giving them their own space to unleash their creativity and finding ways to display their creative products to add to the family vibe. Sites like are packed with ideas if you want to learn how best to encourage your children’s creativity. Your home is your home, and should always feel as personal to you all as it possibly can. Having a new build or neutral home can often make your house feel generic, if you can find ways to make the space more your own with your own art works, photographs and trinkets, this can really help make a house a home. Homes just don’t feel like homes when they are too sterile and bland. Even things as simple as framing collages of your children’s latest masterpieces hung in a shared space can add a touch of charm. If you're creative too, look at craft ideas that you too can create to add a touch of sparkle.

Bring the outside in with house plants

Having greenery and plants in your home can be really important if you feel like it’s a little bland and stifled. They add real life to the home, and that means that you can improve the air quality as well. They also just look great and add a vital splash of colour and life to a space, so why not make the most of them? There are so many different plants out there that are suitable for the home, so you won’t be too restricted in your choices and plants like succulents need practically no looking after too, even better. 

Bring the house alive with music

Every home should be filled with music because it adds that real vibrancy that can make a home feel more alive. There is nothing worse than an eery silence in your home and if you have jobs to do it really gives you a much needed boost. You could think about installing a new audio setup if you haven’t got one, sites like have systems that allow for a strong multi-room experience. It could be just what your home is crying out for. This may seem like a luxury, but a decent sound system and a buzz of music makes a huge difference to the energy in your home.

Inject some colour

The way the home looks when you step into it matters a lot, and much of that can be dictated by your choice of colours. If you want your home to look vibrant, you could add some brighter colours that really grab people. As long as they are implemented in the right way, and you have furniture and other design details that complement the colours you choose, it will look great. The main benefit of doing this is that it will always be that reflection of you, a distraction from the blander neutral colours and introduce a theme that you could continue with other items like soft furnishings too.

Arouse the senses

The sense of smell that we have is strongly linked to memory and nostalgia. If you want your home to feel alive and like it’s used by your family, you should fill it with pleasant smells. Of course, it’s entirely up to you what kind of smells you want to have in your home. One of the most popular has to be the smell of baking, a smell that everyone loves, that makes a home feel more like a home. There are lots of gorgeous reed diffusers, scented candles and melts out there to try to find the scents that suit you and make you smile as you step through the front door.

Open Up Spaces

When your home is shut off into particular sections and there are walls separating them all, it can become a little claustrophobic. Your home will definitely lack energy if that’s how it feels, so it can be a really good idea to break down some of those barriers and open up the spaces a little more if possible. It’s something that anyone can do, as long as you make sure that you’re not knocking down any supporting walls, which is something your local builder can advise on. An open plan living space may be exactly what your home and family needs.

Light up

Last of all, you should give some thought to the lighting setup you have in your home. It’s important to make sure that you get the lighting right if you want your home to feel alive and interesting. It’s so easy to get stuck into old habits when it comes to your lighting, but remember that it’s always possible to improve your setup, making an incredible difference to the atmosphere. Adding new lamps, improving the shades you use or switching the type of bulbs can all have a big impact. 

There are so many reasons to want to make your home have more energy and represent your family, with a few changes this can be achieved so easily, making your home far more inviting and homely place to be. 

*Collaborative post