Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Wooden Toy Every Child Will Love

I've always loved wooden toys and some of my favourite toys growing up, especially at school were wooden toys. They just have a special charm don't they?

I was recently connected with SRI Toys, a specialist in classic wooden toys for children. With beautiful play sets and puzzles, SRI have some beautiful toys which would become firm favourites in the playroom. I'll tell you what we were sent to review shortly, but first here's a sneak preview of a few toys from SRI toys that your little ones may love too;

The A-Z Animal Playset

When it came to choosing our review product from SRI Toys, we finally opted for an A-Z animal play set. The set is just colourful and beautiful with an animal for each and every letter of the alphabet. We recently had chance to play with a friends wooden ark/animals and the kids loved making up little stories with the animals so I knew this would be a hit.

On arrival, the kids were super excited when they opened the box to see lots of colour and some instantly recognisable animal shapes. They soon got to work lining them up and working out which letter represented which animal, with some being simple and some needing a little more imagination.

These animals have been out every day and Soph likes to do lots of voices and act out stories, whilst Alf likes to line them up to see what words he can make. The both like seeing if they can make animal towers as well as trying to fit them all together to make a puzzle (it's not a puzzle but it's fun!).

This set costs £36.99, which I think considering its a beautiful set of 26 wooden figures, comes in its own bag and is heaps of fun with great learning and play potential, that's a really good price and would make the ultimate birthday gift from first birthdays onwards. This really is one of those toys that I think every child/toddler should have and is guaranteed to make children happy!

This set gets a huge thumbs up from us, the kids love it! I love all the shapes, masses of colour and classic wooden charm. There are lots of games to play with it, it's easy to store and transport and fun for children. You can see more of the range from SRI Toys over on their website.

Would your little one love this too?