Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Starting School With Aldi Uniforms

With two children needing uniforms this year, I'll be looking to save money wherever I can. Kitting out the kids for school and P.E can come with a hefty price tag, but with some careful shopping, I recon this will be far easier than I thought!

In July, Aldi launched their very own school uniform range both in store and online and as always for Aldi, the prices are amazing value with a wide variety on offer, just perfect for kitting out our smalls on their new adventures in September. Products are on sale right now and it's well worth checking out, especially if you have a lot to buy! Jumpers and trousers are just £1.25 each, with leather shoes at just £6.99 per pair, totally affordable uniform that does just the job.

Last year we got lots of Aldi school bits in store and the polo shirts were by far the best we'd had, with others being from various supermarkets. This year, with a wee Soph starting at the school nursery and needing uniform too, I was excited to see what was on offer in the girls ranges and get her bits and pieces ready to add name labels, ready for her start in September.

We've got Soph some cute little zip up pinafore dresses (2 for £5.99), pleated skirts (£1.25) and polo shirts which come in a pack of two for just £1.25! We've not been up for jumpers yet, but for a skirt, jumper and teeshirt costing little over £3, I'm so pleased with our uniform stash so far.

The school range has pretty much everything you could want for school, from shoes through to hair accessories. Most colours are covered, and if you can get away without those expensive logo jumpers, then Aldi ones will do just the job at just £1.25 each! They really did wash well for us too and the colour stayed pretty well, actually better than Alf's 'proper' school jumpers that cost about eight times the price! Here's a selection of what you can expect to find in store right now for your little ones.

The value is incredible, we've been back in store for more this week and are slowly stocking up for September! This range is well worth a look if you're on the look out for some great value buys. That money can be far better spent than on uniform that they will no doubt grow out of by Christmas!

You can see the full range in store or at right now. Have you tried the Aldi unforms before?

Disclosure: We were sent samples in exchange for an honest post, we love Aldi uniforms and have purchased some more in store!