Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Helping Kids Eat Healthy Food

I've been pretty lucky with both my kids in the sense that there is plenty of fruit and veg that they'll both eat, so it's easy to get some healthy bits in them without having to be too sneaky. Soph has certainly had her moments though and just lately is becoming more and more picky with foods, favouring sweet tasty 'junk' for proper meals. I have one that would eat or at least try anything and one that would happily live off cake!

I've been looking at ways to get more creative before she gets any more fussy, as well as trying to be a bit less lazy with it as I confess that I can be guilty of taking the easy option at times, especially in the holidays. I really want Soph to have proper wholesome regular meals, but often now she will prefer to pick and snack through the day instead, it's so frustrating. Luckily there's lots of things to try to break this behaviour before it sticks.

I know lots of families that really struggle to get their kids to eat healthy foods and totally understand what a battle it can be with a feisty determined little toddler on your hands, so I thought I'd pop together some tips that may help.

There are some amazing recipes and tips if you take a look on Pinterest for meal inspiration and from looking online, the four main parent to parent tips I keep seeing are;

  • Blend veg into sauces for things like pasta and pizza before introducing larger sized pieces
  • Give kids something tasty that you know they'll enjoy to dip fruit and veg slices in. For example, hummus with carrot sticks
  • Don't deny treats, they may then become 'forbidden fruit'.  
  • Have your kids help with the cooking, they will be more likely to try it if they've helped.

For more tips on encouraging kids to eat healthily, check out the info graphic below from Families Online with 16 really good tips for us parents. If you have any more suggestions, please do leave a comment below and let me know.


* Collaborative post.