Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Home & Style - Personalised Printing - Contrado

Designing your own clothing and fabrics is something that I think most of us, particularly those of us that sew would love to do. I was recently given the chance to make a product of my own, from UK brand Contrado, that offer bespoke printing services on clothing items as well as fabric by the meter.

I absolutely love the products that Contrado offer and at some point I will definitely have to design something from their home range! Here's just a few items that you can design; these were created by other designers but gives you an idea of just a few products you can personalise.

I was so excited to design some clothing, but unfortunately very short on time before our holiday so I decided to design a simple 'blog' hoodie, showcasing my brand. I chose a hoodie as they have to be my all time favourite item of clothing and soon got to work on the Contrado website. The hoodies cost £69 with total free reign on the design itself.

The whole process was so easy with my design being ready in seconds! The logo I made was produced very quickly on a free design website, saved and uploaded to Contrado along with a black background and a pink hood lining to match the decal. I wish I had had chance to invest more time now into bringing one of my illustrations to life, but I am a little in love with my personalised blog hoodie none the less!

Here's some snaps of the final creation;

I'm so pleased with my hoodie and will definitely order from Contrado in future and think of some pretty fabric patterns. There are lots of bespoke design options, check out the Contrado website for more details and product details.

What would you design?

Disclosure - I was sent my hoodie in exchange for an honest review, all words and thoughts are my own.