Monday, January 01, 2018

Healthy Mama || New Year Health Plan

At the precise moment a year or so ago that I stopped writing my updates here and feeling accountable, I also let things slide. Letting anxiety win once again and generally giving up a little, I let the bad habits back in and soon gained weight, in fact nearly all of what I had lost before. I feel so stupid!

With monthly appointments now with the nurse at our local doctors, I am working on losing weight again and getting fitter and stronger. They actually want me to lose around eight stone (!!!) But initially I'm going to focus on small goals and hopefully it'll all add up.

Although it's all totally cliche, the new year is the perfect time to reflect, to start something new and to focus on health goals such as my much needed weight loss.

With my bad back (arthritis) and poorly pelvis (tilt and tendon damage), I'd be stupid not to take their advice as the extra strain on my joints is doing me no favours. I'm also starting to feel pretty crappy as I'm getting bigger, with it being harder work to breathe, feeling wobbly in my clothes and shying away from the camera a lot more. I want to have those memories with the kids, I don't want to hide behind the lens every time. I also want to be here for them longer and be able to do more with them.

I'm not joining in with any fad diets this month, I'm not starving myself, but I am going to try and get back into healthier habits and make small changes to get back on track. Here are my goals for January;

  • Lose 3 KG.

  • Drink at least 1l of water each day (currently it's sometimes 0 in a day!).

  • Walk more.

  • Get out my snacking habit.

  • No takeaways in January.

I think these are all small but realistic targets that I can achieve during the coming month that will hopefully set me back on track generally and back in the mindset of making healthier choices. I've also downloaded My Fitness Pal which works out my daily calorie allowance based on my goals, activity and current stats. Although calorie counting isn't for everyone, I've always done well with similar things like Weight Watchers pointing, it's so easy to work out, nothing has to be forbidden (making it more desirable) so I can get straight into it.

What are your health goals this month?