Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mama Life || Sweets That Clean Your Teeth?! - Zollipops Review & Giveaway

Like most kids, my two adore sweets and although we try and limit them, they do sneak in more and more and I've always got some kind of sweet treat stashed in my handbag for emergencies (basically when the whining for snacks gets too much, and that's just from me!).

This week we received some new treats to try called Zollipops, which are some super clever lollipops that actually clean your teeth. Lollies have always been a firm favourite for Soph and I dread the thought of all that sticky sugar on their little teeth, so these sounded great. Actually better than great, instead of gunking up her teeth with sticky stuff, they'd clean them? Sold!

These lollies look and taste like our regular favourites, with the same bright appealing colours and flavours in the perfect text book flat lolly shape. These are intended for treats after meals to clean teeth following regular food, but they were still super tasty and the kids were none the wiser, these could be a great new alternative to keep in the treat stash! 

Soph was home when the post came and very excitedly put herself forward as chief product tester. Needless to say, she thought they were yummy and didn't have a clue they were a healthier option or cleaning her little teeth. 


Zollipops work by balancing the acids in your mouth that can cause damage after eating. Neutralising the acid reduces the chances of decay and other issues, meaning these are genuinely tooth friendly little fellas - We approve!

As well as the Zollipops, we also tried Zaffi Taffi, a fruity chewy sweet selection with the same magic mouth neutralising tooth cleaning goodness of the pops, but a different kind of sweet treat. These will be another firm favourite bag stash and after meal treat, such a good idea. As well as being tasty and actually being good for teeth, these are pretty much free from everything so I don't need to worry about allergies if the kids have school friends over for dinner. I only wish I had these a year ago when Soph had to be bribed pretty much every morning with a lolly to get her big brother to school on time!

These sweets are fab, a lot more guilt free than our regular treats and the perfect after school treat for little ones. You can find out more on the Zollipops website and if you'd like to try some, they are for sale their website as well as over on Amazon.

To try your luck at winning some sweets of your own, please enter my giveaway below via the Gleam app. Good luck!

Would your little ones like these too?

Zollipops sweets giveaway

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