Monday, January 29, 2018

Kids Stuff || Introducing Super Cool SuperZings

Like most kids, mine love anything small, collectible and conveniently placed usually by the checkouts in our local shop! We've had some great fun in the past with kids collectibles, but I think this latest one is a favourite so far, as it's so much more than just colourful lumps of plastic.

You/your kids may just have seen the TV ads recently for the little guys we've tried out this past week or so. These are called Super Zings and there's a whole world to collect, play with and create stories with. I've been amazed how well these have gone down, I recon they're set to be a modern classic and there has been a lot of thought gone into the designing of these characters and accessories.

For starters, the Super Zings packets are priced from just 80p, making them the perfect pocket money treat or affordable extra. More and more we are seeing surprise eggs and similar products creep up to the £3 mark and upwards, this to me is just bonkers, so it's nice to see something coming out again within a decent budget for little ones. Since getting these sent to review, we've already been out twice to buy more, it really has gone down a storm here and both kids have a SuperZings box to keep all their bits in, which they've had out every day.

A little about Super Zings

The SuperZings are everyday objects brought to life in a fun, comic ‘Hero vs Villain’ rivalry theme. Clad in iconic superhero capes and eye masks, there are more than 80 multi-coloured figures to collect in total, each with a matching ‘rival’ which adds a fun new dimension to the collectible mechanic: unwrap a hero orange – ‘Mr C’ – and you’ll want to find his rival, ‘Jack the Juicer’! Discover an ice cube and you’ll need to find the hairdryer!

All living together in Kaboom City, there are 36 regular characters available in two different colour-themes, plus 6x Silver and 2x Gold ‘Rare’ and 1x Enigma ‘Super Rare’ SuperZing. The Starter Pack and Blister Packs both contain four SuperZings and an exclusive Super Disc Blaster. SuperZings are aimed at 4-8 year olds, with over 80 multi coloured figures to collect, with matching pairs (Alf says some have sidekicks). Here's what we were sent to try from series one;

  • Blind Packets (retail at 80p each)
  • Hideouts (£1.50 each)
  • Supercars (£2.50 each)
  • Starter Pack £5 each)
  • Blister Pack (£7 each)1 x Mission Pack £12 each)
  • Kaboom Trap £5 each and the best part of all!)

I love the comic book style of the whole thing and that if you go on the website it'll tell you (like the image above) who their twin (sidekick) is in a different colour and also their enemy. In this case sleepy pillow VS alarm clock. This is a great way to encourage play, giving basic story pointers and letting them do the rest.

You can buy SuperZings at the Entertainer, Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Spar and more, so they're readily available and I honestly think every kid will love something about these, with the cars to zoom, traps to catch them in which was the favourite here and lots more, there's loads to do with these and the kids loved making up bizarre stories and playing together. This series is brand new this month, so it's a great time to get collecting something new and exciting, that makes the perfect weekly treat or pocket money purchase.

If you or your wee one want to find out more, pop over to the Super Zings website, where you can even download colouring sheets and more.

Have your little ones discovered Super Zings yet?