Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Life || 2017

I thought I'd try and write some kind of review for the year, but I thought it would be far easier to write in the same format as my monthly updates, so here goes.

Generally 2017has been a pretty good year for us. Aside being skint a lot, we've had no dramas, we've all been fairly happy and even managed a couple of family holidays.

I left my job to focus on working from home and I've never looked back. I earn the same most months but the impact on my mental health and happiness has been indescribable. I feel so relaxed and free without the constant dread of work looming. I feel a huge sense of pride and satisfaction earning money for myself and for once, unlike any other job I actually get recognised for hard work and the more I do, the better I do. That has certainly never been the case when working for others.

2017 Favourites

Wearing - The main champions of 2017 had to be my bandannas which I absolutely love, they cover up bad hair days, look a bit vintage and I love all the different colours and patterns I have now. Oh so many bandannas. I've also pretty much lived in nice hoodies, pinafore dresses and trainers. I rarely dress up but these are all things I can dress up enough for what I do and still feel well dressed (ish) and happy.

Food & Drink - My Christmas donut at the annual market was as always a massive highlight, literally. We've had an obscene amount of pizza, favouring takeaways from Pizza Hut mainly. As a sweet treat this years favourite has to be Aldi's tiramisu pots, they're only about 85p for two and taste amazing!

Watched - During 2017 we've watched some great series, 13 Reasons Why, Peaky Blinders, OITNB and lots more! My favourite has been Peaky Blinders and it was torture waiting for the latest series to be on air!

Disliked - The main thing I've disliked in 2017 has been school runs. I make no secret of the fact that I hate it, we all hate it, the kids hate it and even the dog sits in the window looking sad because I can't take her with me. After the holidays, I get that awful sinking stressed feeling knowing I have the school run coming up and I hate it! I love being with the kids, I just hate the stress of it all, the shoes missing at the last minute, the pressure to be there on time, the having to keep telling the kids to hurry up etc when I really just want a chilled life with them. Just 8 odd years to go and I'm free of that one and will probably miss it like crazy!

Loved - As a family we've loved watching new movies like Sing and Moana and eating out at places like KFC and Toby Carvery - yes we know how to live. For me, I've loved working from home, shopping, exploring new makeup and hanging out with my babies (and husband) which I know is totally cliche but there is literally nobody I'd rather spend my days with.

Favourite Photo - It's so hard to choose a favourite photo. There's ones I'm really proud of as I'm loving getting more into taking pictures properly,but also family ones that maybe aren't the best quality but are packed with meaning. Here's my favourite from 2017, it just sums up my babies so well;

I can't wait to see what the next year brings for us all, a year in which Soph will start full time school, I'll work more, the kids will turn 4 and 7 (WTH?) and hopefully lots of lovely exciting things will happen.

So that was 2017 for me, how was yours?