Thursday, January 25, 2018

Photography || Let There Be Light

This post is my entry to a photography competition with Urban Cottage Industries, in which we have to showcase two of our favourite photographs. One photo must utilise natural light and another taken in artificial light. 

I'm not a great photographer, but I'm learning fast, capturing some beautiful memories of our family and the adventures we have, but here are my two images for my entry;

Natural Light

I wasn't sure what image to use for this one as 99% of my photos are taken on sunny days out so I have so many! This one though has been one of my favourite photos. Taken last summer in our local arboretum. We walk through here every day for the school run, sometimes three times there and back, so we get to see how it changes through the seasons. Right now it's pretty brown and dire, but I love this bright sunny picture, it's packed with colour and makes me feel warm and happy just looking at it! Me and the kids all love flowers, these were our favourites.

Artificial light

Artificial is a little harder for me, as aside from review photos and silly ones of the kids destroying the house, I don't tend to take many indoors. I thought I wouldn't bore you with a strategically placed and well lit review product, but instead this picture of Soph which I adore. We were inside a farm barn and Soph was looking up at a heated lamp. This was one of those quick grab photos that really captures a moment and I'll always remember the fun we had on this day.

So there we have it, my entry for the 'Let There Be Light' Competition, in partnership with Urban Cottage Industries. I'm sure I don't stand a chance, but with a £500 prize to win, it's worth a shot!

What do you think?