Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mama Life || Savvy Gift Shopping For 2018

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to get prepared for your gift buying over the coming months. By making a list now of those upcoming birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and perhaps even Christmas gift ideas, you can be a step ahead, grab some great deals and make the most of the sales and special offers through the year.

This year, I want to be a lot more organised. I don't want any last minute panics before we head out to a kids birthday party or finding I have to order a last minute gift to be delivered asap, meaning I'm usually spending more. With a little extra effort and prior planning, we can not only save money through the year but also a great deal of stress and panic.

Here's a few ways to get prepared for gifting this year and get some super savvy shopping under way for those special events.

Kids parties

If you have kids in school, you can get a lot of invites through the year for their friends parties, as well as other events at school that may involve a gift of some kind. Although we won't know the dates in advance for these, there's no harm in building up a stash of suitable gifts so that you're all prepared when the day arrives. Places like Poundland often have the perfect solution, as well as one of my favourite shops, The Works, with their 10 books for £10 offer, which make an ideal extra gift as well as perfect party bag fillers for your own kids parties.


Mark down in your diary every birthday that you will be providing a gift or card for throughout the year. If you have any gift ideas, note them down so that you can get shopping in the sales, right now with winter coming to an end, there are great deals with things like Yankee candle sales, beautiful blankets for just a few pounds and winter warmers such as hats scarves and gloves for next to nothing. These would make great gifts for birthdays later in the year, so grabbing them now and popping them away for Autumn/Winter could save you a few pounds. The same will be true after each season, so it's always a good idea to get those uber bargains in the sales and put them away for gifts. With things like birthday cards, you may want to buy in bulk from places like the Works, Card Factory and even Flying Tiger, where you can often buy more than one card for just one pound, leaving you with the perfect stash for those last minute birthday wishes.


Christmas always seems like it's forever away, but the fact is it soon comes round, but it can also be expensive meaning prior planning and shopping can be a godsend come December. Although it's early in the year, it's a good time to pick up some bargains to put away for Christmas. Kids gifts can be purchased gradually through the year and if you write a list for everyone else, you can tick them off as the deals pop up over the next 10 months. As long as you're buying things that are guaranteed to still be a hit come Christmas (i.e something like Lego for kids that they won't go off of, or candles, blankets etc for grown ups), then this kind of shopping can really ease the shopping stress of Christmas.

Other events

You may want to invest in a separate diary or calendar especially for main events, reminding you what dates you need to remember and also when to start shopping/stocking up on wrapping papers. There's nothing worse than realising too late that you've forgotten to buy a gift, so this little extra planning should work wonders. With things like Mother's day, wedding anniversaries, maybe give yourself a good month to look for good deals and avoid that last minute rush and heightened prices.

Are you a savvy shopper when it comes to gifts?