Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life || January

January has been pretty good, although it's not quite gone to plan with things like healthy eating and lottery wins, it's been non eventful and drama free which in my book makes it a pretty good one.  
The kids have settled back into school pretty well after the Christmas break and even have half term very soon, so it's going to be a fast year I can tell! We managed to stay healthy until the end of the month, when Soph walked out of school and puked everywhere like some kind of exorcist child. Luckily it was just a 24 hour thing and so far the rest of us have managed to steer clear.
My blog work has been pretty stable this month and my motivation levels have been pretty booming which is a welcome feeling especially when my stats like DA, Klout and Tots scores have dwindled slightly. I'm trying to ignore those though and focus on what I enjoy . Hopefully, as I feel more passionate about it all, the scores and numbers will follow suit. I launched my Etsy shop this month to run along side my blog, for the days where I want to draw and not look at a screen I can get my prints up for sale on there. Although I'm yet to really make any sales, it feels good getting myself out there and getting some good feedback. I have had a lot of custom orders though already, so hopefully it'll all run pretty smoothly. I'm also pretty close to finishing the illustrations for my first two books, so I can edit those and get them published with Amazon soon - exciting! Also, how amazing is Soph's new jacket!?


Wearing - It's funny doing this part and looking back over the month to see I've pretty much worn a variation of the same thing every day! It's been cold, rainy and grey pretty much all of January, so there's no surprise that I've been mainly in rain coats to keep dry and hoodies/beanies to keep warm. On brighter days I have worn my old lady fluffy hat (love it!) and my new brown suede biker jacket from Primark. I got the jacket with Christmas vouchers and absolutely love it! It's similar to my mustard one and these are so stretchy and comfy to wear, makes a change for a biker jacket.

I've been living in dungaree dresses again without realising it and got a new floral embroidered one from Debenhams last week which I can see me wearing to death through spring/summer. They are just so easy to wear I love them! I'm really keen on getting some actual trouser dungarees now too, although I'm not sure they'll suit my odd shaped figure, they're something I've always wanted. Here's a few pictures of this months not very exciting clothes choices!

Food & Drink - I've been a bit mixed this month as I really wanted to hop back on the health train, but I'd say it's been 50/50 good and bad, maybe a little heavier on the bad days. I really want to do it this time, but ending the month on a two pound loss and a whopping Chinese buffet kinda sums it up really. I've tried to embrace fruit a little more and my favourite is tinned mandarins which I'm kind of addicted to as well as Aldi's tinned ravioli (I'm so fancy). We've not really tried anything new except for Adams home made curry which is pretty amazing!

Watched - We spend far too much time looking for things to watch, but this month it's mainly been about TV shows like First dates hotel, The Undateables, Hunted and re-watching the IT crowd from the start. Film wise, we've watched a few random ones on Netflix like 'Blended' and 'Brothers Grimsby', which were both better than expected, the Grimsby film is so bad it's kind of good.

Disliked - This month I've really suffered with my mental health again a little, so this would be my main dislike. It's all under control, but I'm finding myself worrying more than is normal about the kids when they're at school, imagining the worst even when they are tucked up asleep in their beds or safely in their class rooms. I'm not sure where this has come from, but the fact I'm aware of it and managing to control it is a huge positive for me. Keeping myself busy and distracting my mind with music really helps me to stay rational.

Loved - There's a few for this one this month. I've really enjoyed the fact that Soph has calmed a little and got a bit easier to dress and be around with far less tantrums. I know all three year olds can be tricky at times, but she's been really testing the last few months so it's been nice having an easier time. I've also loved watching Alfie, he's the kindest boy in the world and such a good brother, but recently been drawing in his sketchbooks like me and I LOVE seeing his pictures, watching his imagination unfold on paper and see the attention to detail he has. I've also loved real Belgium chocolates Adam got me (from his trip to Belgium, obvs), they were so much better than anything I've had before!

Most popular blog posts - My most popular posts in January were my review and giveaway for Zollipops, real sweets that help clean your teeth! Followed by my New Years home busting hit list and shop opening posts. 

Favourite Photo - It's got to be this one of my babies at Lincoln castle. With the weather being so rubbish throughout January, we've hardly had any days out and you can tell by this picture they really enjoyed a clearer day. They were both in good moods and we had a lovely day all together.

So that was January for me, how was yours?