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Mama Life || Easy Meals - Rustler's Burger Hack

Alf has always been an easy eater, perhaps too easy as we often have to tell him to just stop or slow down. Soph however is the polar opposite, but one thing we can always be sure she will enjoy and finish off is chicken, pretty much in any form!

Some days I cook from scratch for their tea, sometimes it's a pizza in the oven with some fruit or veg and sometimes it's a 'prick and ding' meal, you have to do what you need to to get them fed and sometimes life is far too busy with parties, school, after school clubs and every other thing we have thrust upon us as parents.

One quick meal that I love is the burgers from Rustlers that I can just pop in the microwave. I often grab one on the school run for myself, making an easy lunch and just lately the kids have tried them too and they think of them as real treats! Little do they know, these are reserved for mama's 'easy days' and I spend hours on other meals that aren't nearly as well received!

A reasonably healthy meal can be just a few minutes away with this #RustlersHack, a super quick meal that kids will love, perfect for busy days and meals on the run. For us grown ups, we add some cheddar slices, bacon and salad for a quick 'fakeaway' style burger on an evening, where time/energy/money is not on our side. We eat all together as a family as much as possible, but as Adam gets back so late from work, we tend to eat separately to the kids for our evening meal until the weekends.

As part of the #RustlersHack challenge from Britmums this week, I decided to show you how we used these burgers for a simple meal for the kids on 'those days' where you just need a speedy solution. Check out this idea for a simple balanced meal in just 5 minutes!

Easy 5 Min Meal For Busy School Days   

The new southern fried chicken burgers from Rustlers are actually pretty delicious, with a twin pack costing just £2.50 at Tesco, made with good quality, 100% traceable ingredients, these are the perfect quick fix to add to your weekly shop. For those days when we just don't have time or quite simply can't be bothered to slave away in the kitchen after a hectic or stressful day, these bad boys are just the ticket and they're so good! Here's how to use them in a well balanced tasty meal;

My two love rice and the quick cook microwavable packs are so so easy and a great cupboard filler for days like this. Their favourite is the golden vegetable kind and it's the perfect addition to literally any meal for a quick filling and tasty carb option. I thought this would go really well with the burger, it's not the obvious choice but makes a change from chips which would take longer in the actifryer or oven (totally defeating my five minute meal prep!). Even though things like waffles can be quickly toasted (yes in a toaster!!), they are pretty bland and rice just seems like a much more exciting option and something Soph will actually gobble up.

Both kids love carrot sticks too and it takes just a few seconds to chop them up which makes them another perfect side option alongside a quick easy dinner like this. My other option tends to be frozen corn on the cobs, which take around two minutes in the microwave and are utterly delicious!

The burgers come with a peppered mayo sachet, which I decided to use as a dip for the carrots in this case and add a small spread of bbq sauce to the burger instead (a la KFC) as the kids prefer it.

The burgers themselves take just 90 seconds to heat, we always toast our buns while the burgers are in as it adds even more flavour and they tend to stay together better for the kids too. These burgers are slightly smaller than average, weighing 140g each, so they're ideal for teeny hands and pretty much guaranteed to be received with a smile. Don't be fooled though, these are ample size for us grown ups too and super tasty.

This is such an easy tea idea and easily adapted to your kids tastes. For 'those days' having a meal like this sat waiting can be a real life saver for us parents. Let's be honest, we all need a quick fix sometimes don't we? 

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers burger hacking challenge, sponsored by Rustlers
What would you serve your burgers with?

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