Monday, January 15, 2018

Mama Style || Dreamy Dress Down Dresses

When it comes to dresses I'm a big fan, but as someone that also spends 99% of their time with the kids, on school runs, working from home or shopping (usually not the fun kind), there's no point having loads of sparkly going out numbers. If I want a wardrobe full of sparkle that never sees the light of day, I'll just cover it in tinfoil. Dresses though, need to be worn - a lot! Finding the right dress/dresses to dress up and more importantly for me 'dress down', is vital.

I do love day time dresses though, ones that can be chucked on with a cardi and leggings, tights if I feel the need and maybe dressed up if needed for the odd date night (rare as hens teeth!). I love things that are a little different, I'm not deliberately awkward but I do dislike a huge amount of the clothing I see on the high street and do a real happy dance if I'm in a 'regular' shop and see a slightly unusual print or design.

I'm still a big fan of Adidas Originals clothing and I've always wanted a dress, but never yet given in to the hefty price tag. As it's a style/brand I've always loved since my early teens, it has a real nostalgic feel, but also just makes me feel like me in a way, I'm not really sure why.

Anything animal or plant print, especially cactus (obvs) goes down well for me and if there's a cat print then you can pretty much sign me up right there and then! 

Here's a few favourites out there right now and although I'm holding off big shopping until I've shifted a few more pounds, I'm pretty sure I need all of these in my life, asap!

1.  Le Redoute fox shift dress | 2.  Cath K Cat print shirt dress | 3.  Adidas originals hoodie dress | 4.  Run & Fly Cactus dress | 5. Run & Fly cat dress | 6. Motel cactus tee dress | 7. La Redoute jacquard knit | 8. Cath Kidston Dog Dress 

Are you a dress fan? If so, what style are you after right now?