Thursday, September 15, 2016

15 Brilliant Children's Books

Books for the little people

I have always loved reading books and although I never get the time to read my own now, I do really enjoy reading to the kids, putting on different voices, seeing them engage with the story and getting them all excited about whats to come - it's ace.

We have approximately 2.6 billion books in our house and there are some I really don't enjoy reading and some I absolutely adore. The ones I love aren't always just because they have a good story necessarily, but sometimes they are just really nice to read (if that makes sense?) they roll off the tongue nicely and have a good rhythm or flow to them. I could list a hundred that we like straight off, but I will start off with 15 that I think are brilliant that I love to read and the kids enjoy.

Some of these are true classics and there are a few more slightly obscure ones that you may not have heard of, but I can assure you are brilliant books.

All these books are lovely to read, quick, simple and really engaging for the little ones. Tim Ted and The Pirates is one of my favourites as a parent, I don't know why but I just love it! Upsy Down Town is fab too, it's bonkers and me to a tee. I love that you have to turn the book upside down to complete the story, it's great fun.

The pants book has always been a favourite of ours, it's literally a book describing different pants, with lots of fun pictures and colours - this could be a good one to introduce at the potty training stage! Any of the Julia Donaldson books are lovely to read and you can see our favourites here.

Funny Bones was a classic when I was a kid and it's still not lost its charm. We love watching it on YouTube but having the collection to read is always a bedtime favourite. Mister Magnolia is another bonkers book and of course anything Judith Kerr is always a true classic for children to enjoy. We get most our books on Amazon and it's always worth looking at the buying options too, as you can buy nearly new from as little as a penny (plus postage) and we have never received one that looks used.

With Christmas on the horizon, any of these books would be well received... What are your favourites?

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