Monday, September 05, 2016

Here We Go Again >> Potty Training Time Girl Style

Get the wipes.

With Alf we had a very laid back method of potty training, it was less training and more - let him do it when he is ready. Who needs to clean up mess when they don't have to? Not to mention the extra washing and I certainly don't need any more of that especially right now with a broken washing machine.

This time round with Soph, we are in a completely different ball game. I don't know if it's a girl thing or just a Soph thing, but she will need to be trained earlier as she likes to take her nappy off and just go ANYWHERE! She has even blamed it on the dog which is pretty impressive really for a girl that turned two only recently - poor dog. Yesterday she wee'd on her dinner plate, on her dinner. It's time. I've started to gather a few ideas and bits to help us get started as you can see below. I'm so not ready for this but it appears that she is!

Soph is the girlyest girl in the world so everything is very much pink and princessy as this is her thing right now.

My plan so far...

Invest in a cute potty training book for Soph to enjoy. She loves books so hopefully this will help her understand what she needs to do. There are loads out there but I like the look of this one and anything that makes noise is always a hit with the kids.

To avoid drama on car journeys, I am going to invest in a Close parent pop in car seat protector or similar. Car seats are a nightmare to clean so any way of avoiding that I am all for! These ones are cute, come in lots of patterns and make any accidents a lot easier to manage and clean up.

I love these little Bambino Mio potty training pants. They look like big girl pants but with a waterproof layer, meaning less leaks making her more aware of her accidents and hopefully she will alert me to change her. I love the colours and patterns of these and I know she will too. These should look and feel like real pants to her but give me a little more reassurance when out and about.

When Soph is a little more confident I will let her choose some real pants in the shops and move to these little disposable training pads. A bit like sanitary pads, these will prevent leaks and catch those  'didn't quite make it' accidents before she has it down to a tee.
At the moment we have this fab little training 2-in-1 Go Potty we were sent from OXO to try. This is great because it sits up and an absorbent bag can be popped underneath to catch the 'goods', but it also folds out to become a toilet top seat meaning we can pretty much use this anywhere. She loves sitting on this which is helping to get her used to using the toilet without too much fuss.

Lastly, Soph is at that age that she really responds well to stickers. She probably wouldn't understand a reward chart just yet, but a simple sticker chart for when she goes successfully would be great. I found these ones and I think they are perfect - super simple, bright and fun.

I really have no clue where to start unless it's a sunny day, we are at home and there is a potty and a wide awake Mama (rare), but I will start it soon and let her practise on her seat when she wants to. Any survival tips at this point are more than welcome!