Sunday, September 04, 2016

School Starts Tomorrow

One more sleep....

The day is finally here. One more sleep and the day I've been dreading since Alf was born is here - the first day of school. 

I'm excited for him, he's excited, he misses his friends and he can't wait to go, but I feel awful. the moment we shut his bedroom door tonight I felt the lump in my throat rising and tears prickling. Tomorrow is such a huge day for both of us and I can guarantee I will be one of those Mums ugly crying at the gates sobbing after her 'baby' has gone off to start his next chapter.

Nearly five years with only one day apart (to give birth to his sister) and it just feels so strange now that we no longer have our free days, lazy mornings and days out whenever we choose. He's such a character, he's so much fun and I will miss the hell out of him every day.

So many stupid thoughts right now, kicking myself for wasted days, grumpy mornings and not doing everything I wanted to do with him before he went. It just feels like too much too young and not being able to go on holidays without paying four times the price is just killer. He's four years old and he's going to get marked on attendance, get homework and be there every day of the week - it's mental.

I'm sure he will love it and settle in just fine, I'm sure the emo Mum stuff will get easier too but for now the uniform is labelled and ironed (I never iron), his bag is ready, his little shoes are sat waiting and he is fast asleep dreaming of something exciting.

I was just thinking about my own school days and actually some of it was lots of fun especially the early years. A wasp landing on the over head projector in assembly putting everyone in hysterics, a teacher farting in assembly and again - hysterics. Winding up Mr. Amor the supply teacher by filling up the lock for the school room door so he couldn't get in and someone putting an 'I Smell' sign on his back - priceless. Waiting for the music teacher to leave the room so we could take the headphones out and play loud music and dog bark sounds until she burst back in wailing at us - funny. I hope he has fun times like that too 

What did he say he was looking forward to most about starting reception today? Science lessons - I kid you not. Fingers crossed for sleep all round tonight to make it that bit easier!