Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lost My Name >> Book Review & Giveaway

Lost My Name

I love getting new books for the kids, so when we were asked to review personalised books from 'Lost My Name' I was so excited. I have seen these on their Facebook page as well as on social media and I loved the idea of getting them a personalised story, especially as one of my favourite books as kid was a personalised one too.


The first step to ordering your Lost My Name books is to visit the website where you get to tailor your book to the following;

  • Name
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Style of character

You can then pick between;

  • Soft cover
  • Soft cover keepsake (soft cover in a beautiful box)
  • Deluxe (hard cover, cloth bound spine, presentation case)

You can then personalise your book with your very own message, perfect for a special gift or just to add to the memory in years to come. I love this simple touch, it makes it feel even more bespoke. These books are aimed at children aged between two and six years of age.

Our books

We opted for the simple soft cover which costs £19.99. I knew our book would never be boxed as we like to keep them in a book rack so for us this was the best option. I think as a gift it would be lovely to pay that little extra for the boxed or hard backed version though. I personalised my characters and names for the kids and they were super excited to get their very own copies as they normally share all their books so these are super special.

I loved seeing my little personal messages to the kids on opening the book. These are true treasures they can keep forever and that little stamp from me feels lovely.

The little characters in the book are adorable. Luckily my fair blonde kids look just like the pictures, so they straight away felt like they were really part of the adventure.

The story itself  finds the child waking up to find their name has disappeared in the night. They travel on a special adventure to rediscover their name, via a selection of brilliant creatures and animals each beginning with the letters of their name, lion for L, Imp for I etc. Soph at two didn't cotton on to this but Alf soon worked out what was happening and was excited to guess what the next creature could be.

This book in it's earlier days was actually featured on Dragon's Den and what an amazing idea it is!

I absolutely love the illustrations and style of the books, every page is packed with colour and fun. I love the story itself and although Soph's felt a little long for her age she really enjoys it through to the end so clearly they are doing it right!

It's a lovely end to the story and so exciting for the kids to see their own name in print. I really love these books and if you are stuck for presents at Christmas or birthday's then I'd say this would definitely be a winner, all kids will love it.

I'm so pleased the kids have these books after wanting one for a while and they really haven't disappointed in any way. Big thumbs up from us!

If you'd like to win your very own copy for a little one in your life, you can enter my giveaway below! To see more from Lost My Name you can visit their website - https://www.lostmy.name/

Disclosure: We were sent our books in exchange for an honest review, we honestly loved them! Giveaway will be listed on Prizefinder & U, Me & The Kids Competition linky.