Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pizza Night >> Pizza Express Etna Via Deliveroo!

Mmm Pizza!

I make no secret of the fact that we love pizza in this house, it's an addiction and I'd even go as far as to say a passion of ours, making recipes, sampling takeaways and watching tutorials from the experts, total pizza connoisseurs over here.

Our city has recently been blessed with Deliveroo, a service that collects and delivers your favourite meals from your favourite eateries in your local area. I hadn't heard of Deliveroo before and we were kindly asked to trial the service as well as the Pizza Express Etna, a pizza exclusive now to Deliveroo customers after being removed from the in-restaurant menu, much to the dismay of many fans.
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We couldn't wait to try these pizzas from home, it's one of our favourite places to eat out so to have it delivered to eat in the comfort of our own home - win win!

As well as Pizza Express, our local service provides food from less likely establishments such as a milkshake place and even a waffle cafe! I think me and Deliveroo will get along nicely.

So tonight was the night. I had already downloaded the Deliveroo app to my phone and found straight away a very simple lay out, displaying local restaurants connected to the service as well as an ordering and payment section.

The app gives you a delivery time to the minute and for Pizza Express it said 30 minutes, I got to ordering and getting comfy awaiting our treat. The app is great because once your order is processed, as well as the standard confirmation email, you also get to see the countdown and stages to monitor your meal preparation.

Our meal arrived a bit quicker than expected and a little early. I was greeted at the door by a smart young man (how old do I sound?) in a Deliveroo cyclist jersey with his matching bike. This guy was great, super polite, greeted me by name and told me to enjoy my meal and have a good evening. I love good customer service so this went down well for starters.

I popped to open and check our pizzas, the Etna and our other favourite, the Diavolo, a whole lot of spice right there! The pizzas looked amazing and smelt even better. I could feel they weren't piping hot but they were still hot and with them being so thin I imagine it would be hard to keep them any hotter. Needless to say the heat of the flavours more than made up for this and my mouth was soon a tasty inferno of pizza goodness. The flavours in the Pizza Express pizzas are just unbelievable and totally unlike any other pizzas you get delivered to the door! We opted for the stretched Romana base for a little extra charge and a whole lot more pizza.

We really really really really enjoyed our pizzas, we spilt them half and half and the heat and sweet from the Etna is just so good! I was really impressed with the service and delivery from Deliveroo too and we will definitely use again. I love that I can see where my food is to the minute, I was kept up to date and so far the service has been fab.

I'd recommend both Deliveroo and the Pizza Express Etna if you haven't tried them yet. I was so excited to see some of my favourite places in town now available for takeaway - dreamy!

To find out more about the restaurants in your area connected to the service, pop to and for your own slice of pizza goodness,