Thursday, September 01, 2016

Family Pets >> Fur, Scales & Waggy Tails #TropicalChronicles

Pet care with the RSPCA

I've talked on here before about our pets and I can honestly say I can't ever imagine our home without anything furry, wriggly or noisy in it - and that's just Adam and the kids! 

Actually we have two cats, a dog and an axolotl called Steve. If you haven't heard of axolotls they are really very cool and the kids love our 'baby dinosaur'. Although Steve is fascinating (as well as previous Steve that we had for ten years!), they do take some preparation, the water and conditions need to be just right and it does take regular time to keep them clean and fed. They come in a variety of colours and types just like this guy below.

Britain as a whole is a nation of animal lovers, and whilst cats and dogs may be the most common choice of animal companion, the prevalence of more “exotic pets”, like reptiles, rodents, and birds is on the up and I'm always seeing pets for sale on Facebook pages etc - it's scary how easily these little lives change hands, as well as just how easy it is to buy them and take them home.

These pets may seem like a cool alternative to cats and dogs, but they do require more specialised knowledge, care and equipment, to live happily alongside their human owners. There are a lot of dedicated and thoughtful owners out there, but it is really important to do research and make sure your new pet is for you - for life.

For anyone wanting a little more advice before re-homing, I have teamed up with the 
Animal welfare charity The RSPCA to help raise awareness and help tackle real-life issues affecting exotic pet owners. For a few quick tips, check out the quick guide below;

Do you have any exotic pets or tips to share? If so please leave us a comment below. If you need any more information or advice for your new exotic pet, you can visit the RSPCA website for more tips and tricks to keep them and you happy.

Written in collaboration with the RSPCA.