Thursday, September 08, 2016

The YogaRolla By YogaBellies >> Review

Introducing the YogaRolla

I am hoping to get into fitness a little more as I'm getting back on track with my weight loss, but really struggle with aching muscles, particularly in my back even just from day to day tasks. Hopefully that will all be sorted soon but in the mean time, anything that helps is more than welcome.

I was contacted recently by YogaBellies to see if I'd like to try one of their 'YogaRollas', a 2 in 1 trigger point foam roller, developed for deep tissue massage, perfect for relieving sore muscles like mine, as well as Adam's after his weight training. I've seen similar products before and I've always wanted to try one out for my back.

We were sent a pink YogaRolla but they also come in blue if that's more your thing. These are designed with Yoga professionals and physiotherapists to provide relief to muscles following all kinds of exercise from yoga, Pilates and running. The rolla basically puts you in charge of your own massage, how much pressure you want applied and to the exact point you need it most, to reduce muscle stiffness in all key areas such as calves, lower back and neck - anywhere really that needs it, which for me is pretty much everywhere!

The YogaRolla also helps to improve your core strength which is something I really need to work on, as well as improving balance.

Here's a little more from YogaBellies;

  • BETTER THAN A MASSAGE: The revolutionary 2 in 1 Low and High Density Muscle Roller lets YOU control the pressure and action. Deep tissue massage reduces muscle stiffness in all key areas: Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders

  • IMPROVE YOUR TRAINING AND RECOVERY: Self myofascial release and improved blood circulation for all sport enthusiasts: Yoga, Gym, CrossFit, Pilates, Running, Weight Training, Jogging, Sports Beginners

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The compact 13" X 5" grid design means it will fit easily into a gym bag or backpack. This means you can use it when you need it!

  • IMPROVE CELLULITE AND STRESS! Enjoy healing muscle massage that can help reduce both cellulite and stress whilst promoting more peaceful sleep.

  • INFINITY GUARANTEE! YogaBellies offer a better than money back guarantee, if there is any issue with your YogaRolla® they will refund you and send a new one.

When our YogaRolla arrived I was quick to try it out and within a couple of minutes my back felt like it had been 'unlocked', it really helped ease the tension in my muscles and I can't wait to use it on more achy days, especially after working out or a long day on my feet.

The inner 'core' of the rolla is removable for use by beginners like me and to help with balance and stability. I love the inner part as a more gentle stretch, but love the outer core for a more 'massage' like therapy on my back.

The YogaRolla has been fab this week and I know we will use it regularly now. For more information on the YogaRolla and other products from YogaBellies you can visit their website here, and read all about the rolla we were sent (or buy) on Amazon here. YogaBellies provide all kinds of support through pregnancy and birth too such as bump belts, as well as my favourite wrap slings.

Disclosure: We were sent the YogaRolla for review purposes but all words are my own. Contains affiliate links.