Thursday, September 22, 2016

Marvel Hero Attax Trading Cards >> Topps

Hero Attax! 

I've posted recently about our Topps ambassadorship, Alf's amazing Star Wars Attax trading cards and more recently our collection of Shopkins cards which although the kids aren't exactly into collecting as obsessively as me, they adore looking at them, opening the packets and finding all those special sparkly cards. 

Our latest collection comes in the form of Marvel Hero Attax and wow this one is just awesome! Not only is this another great series of collectibles from Topps, but also another fun game to help Alf with his numbers, reading, whilst fuelling his ever growing love for all things superhero.

I just knew this collection would be the most sought after by Alf and his friends, so I was so excited to introduce him to this one. We started by opening all our packets which even at 32 years of age makes me feel like a kid at Christmas, I love ticking the cards off our list knowing our collection is growing. 

Alf is into superheros big time and although he is still a bit young for some of the films and things it doesn't stop his obsession and do you know what? I have no idea where he even learnt about them, he just came home one day obsessed with Iron man and Thor and it went from there. I think some of the slightly older kids at school had been playing games with him and he picked up on it, it's been a love of his ever since and I think it's very cool. Needless to say he loves opening these cards too and even has a special shelf in his room for all the things he collects - adorable.

I love that excitement of finding the special cards. As a kid finding a 'shiny' was the best thing ever and it doesn't get any less exciting so it's brilliant seeing Alf have that same experience.

This collection consists of 200 cards, so many amazing characters to explore and of course the game to be played comparing scores. The cards can be purchased from Martins, McColls, One Stop, Asda, WHSmith, Tesco and Sainsburys at just £1 a pack so they are the perfect way to spend that hard earned pocket money or slip in a birthday card for a little treat.

Once again the lovely people at Topps have offered a brilliant Hero Attax bundle for one lucky winner, just enter below to be in with a chance and get your collection off the ground!

Listed on U Me & The Kids as well as Prizefinder.