September 08, 2016

#TravelForAll >> Accessible Days Out For All

Accessible adventures 

Our family love going on little adventures, having days out together and exploring new places. Some places can be a real struggle with the pram though, so I can only imagine how hard it must be for those without the option of carrying, dumping the buggy etc. 

We have several friends and a family member that are wheelchair users and they all say what a struggle it can be having days out and how refreshing it is when venues take wheelchair users and parents with buggies into consideration, offering accessible areas for all so nobody misses out.

It is so unfair when places don't make the effort to facilitate for all, when sometimes the smallest of changes such as a ramp, rail or decent changing facilities can make the biggest difference, ensure a great day out and smiles all round.

It seems that nowadays as new venues open their doors, things are put in place to ensure good accessibility, but some older attractions lack the facilities and are a little behind the times. More and more places are upgrading their grounds and walkways to suit families though, and some have really gone to town to make everyone welcome, which is exactly how things should be! 

You may have heard of Mobility Nationwide, a company that provide great quality used mobility cars who are currently running a brilliant campaign about this very thing, sharing with us some of the country's top days out for all the family to enjoy, regardless of ability and age. I was sent this info graphic which lists some of the best venues out there, hopefully inspiring some fun days out.

Hopefully this will inspire some new adventures for somebody out there. I love that our local castle has put in extra ramps, lifts and doors to make things accessible. The feedback I get from parents of disabled children is that sometimes the access can be good but facilities such as changing and toilets can make things super difficult, so hopefully in time these areas will improve too. It's hard enough to get a pram in most places, so I can only imagine how hard it must be. The Science Museum in London was one of my all time favourite places to visit as a child so I'm super happy to see that up there.

If you can recommend anywhere else that would make a great #TravelForAll option, please let me know so I can share!

Collaborative post with Mobility Nationwide


  1. England needs to install ramps or elevators in all their tubes! I was there 4 years ago with my 11 month daughter and it was a real struggle to get around in comparison to Germany and other countries in Europe. I don't know how mommies do it! I can't imagine everyone in London owns a car.

  2. I wish more of the beautiful places in Wales were wheelchair friendly. I work with adults with various disabilities and they would love to visit some of the castles and historical sites but it's impossible without ramps and widened access areas.

  3. Accessible for All is an important aspect. Seems like there is a need for a scheme which assesses buildings, Events etc and provide a certificate which clearly indicates Rating. That could make it easier for individuals, families, groups etc when planning a day out etc.

    Rachel Craig

  4. More wheelchair ramps are a definite as are extra toilet and changing areas for babies