Sunday, September 04, 2016

50 Things We've Loved About Summer

Sweet sweet summer...

It's here, the last day of the Summer holidays and it's been a blast. I have loved every week of it and Alf has loved being at home all together. Here's 50 of my favourite things from this summer.

  1. Barbecues.
  2. Family days out. 
  3. Punch and Judy show.
  4. Old lady watching punch and Judy with the biggest smile.
  5. Ice cream in any way shape or form.
  6. Bluestone Wales holiday.
  7. Trips to Cleethorpes.
  8. Steampunk festival.
  9. Saxophone busker playing Alf a song to dance to.

  10. Playing tourist in our city.
  11. Circus play in our park.
  12. Fruit picking.
  13. Seeing family and friends.
  14. Enjoying the sunshine. 
  15. Paddling in the sea. 
  16. Building sandcastles.
  17. Burying my feet in the sand.
  18. Having no agenda.
  19. Lazy days.
  20. Paddling pools. 
  21. Playing camping in the Teepee. 
  22. Going on a tour bus.
  23. Watching films.
  24. Snuggling on the sofa.

  25. Finding beautiful flowers.
  26. Taking beautiful photos.
  27. Visiting the zoo.
  28. Visiting Sundown Adventure land. 
  29. Soph's birthday.
  30. Baking at home.
  31. Ice pops.
  32. City beach.
  33. Holding baby chicks. 
  34. Bug hunting.
  35. Nature walks.
  36. Forest exploring.
  37. Puddle jumping. 
  38. Bubbles.
  39. Messy play.
  40. Having Alf & Soph around all day.
  41. Day trip to Nottingham shopping.
  42. Mac makeup course.
  43. Dog walks.
  44. Craft time.
  45. Garden time.
  46. Watching the red arrows.
  47. Baby frogs.
  48. Tiny baby cuddles.
  49. Seeing the kids squeal and smile on our adventures.
  50. Nights out with friends.

On to the next chapter. What have you loved this summer?