Thursday, September 01, 2016

Goodbye Lasts // Hello Firsts

Letting go of the lasts...

If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that a) I am freaking out about Alf starting school and b) I freak out about pretty much everything until I'm there, it's in motion or it's done with all together. I guess it's just how some of us are built as it is certainly nothing new and I can't see it changing any time soon.

I recently posted about how Alf is growing so quickly, too quickly for me and that I am trying to make the most of those night time cuddles, picking him up for a cuddle etc, as soon (very soon) it will be the last time as he gets older, more independent (heavier!) and more self assured.

One kind lady commented on that post to say that she tries to think of all the exciting 'firsts' instead of the lasts. This comment really stuck in my head and made me think and refocus. I really do focus on the lasts, the sad bits, the things I can do nothing about, when in fact I could just as easily try and think of those firsts, the things to enjoy, the things I can watch the kids get excited about and watch them grow as people in their own right. Brain fixing time.

The exciting times we have pretty soon are Alf's fifth birthday, the first Christmas where they can talk, scrap and play together properly, Soph's start at pre school, the list goes on.

Today we enjoyed the kids first train ride and I am getting ever so slightly more adventurous of late which I think they are really enjoying.

I've been thinking of the firsts that the kids have to come and it makes me smile. I think about Alf's first day at school now from his perspective as much as mine. Whilst I am nervous, sad and feel like I am being robbed of my child, he is excited, happy and eager to get stuck in - that is what matters.

Soph will love pre-school, having Mama free play time with her peers. They will love their school trips, swimming lessons, school plays, then when they are older they will fall in love and all that fun stuff too. There is so much to look forward to and I can't wait to watch them enjoy it all and be there when they need it. I'm not saying I won't still freak out as I know I will, but I am going to look to the firsts a lot more from now on.