Monday, September 26, 2016

The False Start School Start

I posted recently about alf starting scool, I was completely dreading it. There had been tears and tantrums from me and a hectic week of uniform hunting and labelling.

He had his first week, then two days and then a whopping ten day break. He went in Friday for half a day and will go full time from today.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster! 

Seeing a few other kids sobbing into their parents shoulders as they gripped on for dear life refusing to go in, I understood why they decided on the staggered start, but for us it feels like a false start and now it's like day one has been looming all over again. 

I've loved having Alf home the last couple of weeks but it has really been a muddle of a routine, Soph already misses him like crazy and for him that week and a bit was quite enough of school let alone the next 14 years. He seems to be enjoying himself and mainly remembers what they had for pudding over what they did all day, but so far he's happy so I'm happy.

From this week I will have a full time schooler on my hands and me and Soph will try our best to get stuck into some kind of routine together too, she may even be starting preschool in a week or so herself but that's a whole different story!