Friday, September 30, 2016

Good4U Super Bites >> Kids Snacks

Snack time!

I am terrible for being one of those 'bribe mothers', usually getting Soph to sit in her pram when we are in a hurry in exchange for a tasty snack. I am normally well armed with snacks of some kind so I can pull them out in an hour of need - or simply hunger.

Finding healthy snacks that won't rot in the bottom of your handbag isn't always easy, so when we were sent the new range of Super Bites from Good4U I was really pleased as these are a perfect pocket sized snack, ideal for out and about or lunch box fillers as a healthy sweet treat.

We were sent two flavours, cocoa and banana as well as vanilla and strawberry. I was surprised when I tried them that they really do have a truffle like feel to them with the powdered cocoa and it goes so well with the fruity flavours. 

These snacks have no added sugar, they are high in fibre and also a great source of cacium - tick tick tick! We can buy these in most the major supermarkets here in the UK and I think most children would love them as they really do just look like a tasty chocolate truffle. Here's whats inside;

As you can see there are literally no nasties in there so we can confidently pack these in little lunch boxes or take on trips out without fear of them bouncing off the walls (any more than normal) or anything else.

For some reason Alf doesn't like the taste of these too much, I think purely because of the flavours and maybe a different flavour like orange would suit him better. Soph however really likes them which is perfect as she is at home and comes out and about with me while Alf's at school - now I am armed with a healthy snack option that I can pull out when needed.

I'm really excited to see the full range of products from Good4U, they do great snacks for all ages so I will be trying them out for me too.

If you struggle for snack or lunch box ideas too, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try!

Disclosure: We were sent samples in exchange for an honest review, all words are my own.